Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2 Thoughts for today. (Origjnally posted on MySpace on Friday, March 24, 2006)

Well I had this plan to go to westlake village and try to spend my 14 GameStop bucks that have been burning a hole in my pocket. But turns out that that place was having computer issues so I couldn't use them. I decided to run over to the Barnes and Nobles accross the street to pick up a copy of retro gamer. Behind me in line was a group of girls who LOOKED about my age. But SOUNDED like they were ditching out of 7th grade. I mean they chattered mindlessly about some party they were all too hung over to remember. What is it about these rich people...I guess I glossed over that the area I was in is one of those expensive 'planned' communities where all they should just put an entry gate on the off ramp cause the whole thing has been pre fabbed to feel like some sort of Spanish Architectured utopia.

Anyway all the bubbly nonsense made me think about UCSB cause there was definately a lot of priviledged assholes there. And there are like four profiles for people from my graduating class that were not created by them, but rather created by other people in MEMORY OF THEIR DEATH. It seems a little creepy. I mean I know one person who had a space and since died. I haven't checked to see what happened to here profile...but I sort of assumed it would be in bad taste to leave it online after someone was dead, much less make it some sort of virtual tombstone...

But maybe I'm wrong. Will these words oneday be all that remains to let the world know that I was here and that I disliked Chattering Rich Bitches?! Who knows. But if it is all that's left of me after I am uploaded to the great server in the sky just remember that I always said that America's over reliance on gasoline would lead to our downfall. Buy a Hybrid now before gas gets to be 8 bucks a gallon. Otherwise you'll have to hear me say "I told you so" in a spooky disembodied voice as you drift to sleep..on rainy night years from now.

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