Friday, November 21, 2008

Fan made Mega Man trailer not bad for a fan made Mega Man tailer.

Best Part is Dr. Wiley. Classic.

Source: Destructoid

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have you seen the new Star Trek Trailer? Well have you? Shut up and click that shit!

Best part is the split second shot of Spock beaming down...fuck this looks so damn good. Of course I said that about the episode 1 trailer...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Akiba-blog makes me laugh. Usually it makes me shudder, but then it makes me laugh.

For those of you who are not quite as unabashedly nerdy as myself, you may not be familiar with Japan's Akihabara, but basically it's this section of Tokyo that has long been storied among video game nerds as the greatest place in the world. I've read countless blog posts and features on nerd sites detailing the amazing and often times astounding retro gaming items that can be found here.

Based on what I heard on various podcasts after this years TGS, it sounds like Akihabara might be on the decline. Gone are a lot of the sweet mom and pop game shops replaced by Maid Cafes and Mega Electronics chain stores.

Still, if I ever had a chance to go to Tokyo, this would be a place that I would have to go check out. Towards those ends I have had the NSFW Akiba-Blog in my RSS feed. Akiba-blog is basically an "interesting news of the day" blog for the goings on around the neighborhood. I was hoping that it would help inure me to the ins and outs of the culture of Akihabara. I was hoping that it would give me a little insight so that when I did visit I wouldn't be totally lost.

But instead I have found that Akiba-blog is basically 10% interesting tidbits and anthropology and 90% reviews of Adult Anime and inside tips on where to score pornographic Manga.

The upside of this is the hilariously terse text that accompany NSFW images such as this. Here's a good example:

Manga of Girls' Internal Organs": Probably, Selling More than Expected
by AkibaBlog

An adult comic " Eroguro " by faith is a groce manga: scenes of crushing the head, internal organs coming out, arms and legs are cut off, being eaten after coming, dumping internal organs, etc appear in each story. As I reported, at a store in Akiba, a warning POP for its sample, "This Book is for Advanced People. Even to Turn the Pages of Its Sample, Be Careful" was out. On the 3rd, the whole 90 books that were out at a store were completely gone.

This stuff isn't really engrish. It's just more like the most emotionless translation possible. Most of this stuff is chilling. It's like...what the fuck is going on here. What am I missing. And then I just shake my head and laugh. But it does break up the monotony of the day a little when I see lines like "Yosuga no Sora: The Power of Small Boobs & Wearing Only a Shirt" scroll across your RSS feed reader.

Anyway, browse if you dare.

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Tomb Raider trailer does what a trailer should, makes you want to buy a game you would otherwise pass on.

So, Becca, Aaron, Patrick, Gill and I saw the new Bond movie over the weekend. Like most Bond movies I was pretty "meh" about seeing it. Outside of Bond's gadgets I'm not a huge Bond fan. I find them to be sort of eye rollingly hokey. But then something happened. There was a trailer that started showing on TV about a week before the movie opened, and I'll be damned if Becca didn't start saying, "I kind of want to see that." and I started saying, "yeah, I know what you mean".

A similar thing happened to me today with a trailer that just hit the internet for the new Tomb Raider game. I really liked Tomb Raider Legends on the original Xbox, and I even went so far as posting some amazing screen shots as well as some insanely high resolution shots of the latest Lara Croft model. But I was never what I would call "excited" about this game or "looking forward to it.

All that changed when I saw the following video posted over on Joystiq. This trailer has definatly moved this game from "wait till it's 100 points on Goozex" to "Wait till it's 500 points on Goozex":

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Russian Booth Babes make me wonder if THQ Russia is looking for any new hires...

As long as I'm posting about Russian's I might as well throw up some pics from a Flicker feed that I threw in my delicious bookmarks last week. Kotaku posted some pics from a Flickr Set of Russia's Igromir gaming convention.

I'm more of a Picasa / Photobucket man myself. Don't know why I never got into flicker...guess I'm more into "hosting pics for ebay auctions and my blog" than "sharing with friends". Anyway, I found a nice little site that will generate embed-able Flickr slideshows, so enjoy.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


"What the hell is this?" you ask yourself. And that's exactly what I was asking myself when I absentmindedly typed "woodcat" into Google. That brought up this site. And I was greeted by this:

And I thought to myself "Choco? What have those Damn Ruskies been up to now". You see Choco is kind of a mutt, but we think that he is a Norwegian Forest Cat and I call him "the Wood Cat" or more commonly "That big ol' wood cat".

So imagine my surprise when I type in "woodcat" and find a Russian site with a big ol' black WOODCAT!!!

From what I can gather from the google translation of the site, this is the mascot of a Russian airsoft gun squad (paintball squad? In russia do they just play "airsoft" with Real's hard to say...anyone know what the Russian word "straykbole" means?)

These guys even have a flag with Choco on it:

Should I sue for copyright? I mean Sanrio already owns Choco...but surely I could make a case for a big ol' black WOOD CAT!!!

Maybe I should get them back by stealing their banner:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sacred to looks as if it might provide the co op hack and slash fix I've been looking for...

Every time I see something about Sacred 2, I first think "That looks pretty OK" and then I think "I wonder when / if it'll come out on Xbox". There's a new trailer hyping the co-op mode out today. Looks pretty good if you ask me.

Just to keep it old school, I'm going to post up a link:to some Sacred 2 screenshots.