Thursday, June 26, 2008

What will her grandkids say 30 years from now?

Thanks to Gizmodo for this one:

Monday, June 16, 2008

What the hell is going on here...another post that has nothing to do with video games?

Tonight is the beginning of the new season of Weeds. Last year it was sort of an institutional thing at our house, with some "Weeds Nights" balooning in size up to seven or eight people. Tonight will see at least five people crowded on my Couch sipping drinks and yelling out "oh shit" at each crazy twist and turn.

About two weeks ago all these "pin up" style adds started showing up all over town and on busses. Becca's initial reaction was "Where the fuck is californication?" She needs her Varga style David Duchovny.

Anyway, In my pre show browsing I stumbled upon a nice set of downloads on the official Weeds Showtime site. Some of them are kind of lame widgets that are nothing more than an add to clog your desktop up with...but there are some high rez wall papers, AIM avatars, and even a calender which I wouldn't tease anyone for downloading. After all Nancy Botwin is about the MILF-iest cougar on TV.

Here's another pic that I'm sure at least Glen will appreciate.

Strawberry Shortcake becoming more of a Brat...

I feel like where my MySpace blog degenerated into a Video Game news and rumor blog, this one is degenerating into a "Posts that Becca will think are interesting" blog. Well so what, you want a better blog? Write your owner.

My latest post will be about Strawberry ShortCake. While, I did have a couple of Care Bears, i was totally out of the loop on the Strawberry Shortcake tip in the 80s. Most of the girls I knew had Barbies or maybe Cabbage Patch, but I can't think of anyone who was a big Strawberry Shortcake person.

But still, I know Becca like the series, so I figure maybe some of her buddies will as well.

Neatorama had a link to a New York Times Business article about the modernizing of several beloved but "stogey" children's properties. The article touches on several re-boots that range from the looney toons to the ninja turtles. The most interesting one is the Strawberry Shortcake redesign. The most disturbing part of which is that apparently the new Strawberry Shortcake will "spends her time chatting on a cellphone instead of brushing her calico cat". Won't someone think of teh kittehs? Anyway, feast your eyes on the future:

Playboy's not going to let some ad agency chic get all the hits...

A few weeks back there was some flo-fla about a sexy Wii Fit video, that for some reason people seemed obsessed to prove was a "marketing ploy". I'll credit Wilson for showing this video to me first, but it was all over the place, so I'm sure just as much 'credit' should go to the usual suspects. For those of you who don't waste your time RSS'ing video game industry sites, here's the "amateur video":

Not to be outdone by the un-airbrushed masses, Playboy, produced some slick videos of their own featuring their Cyber Girl of the Year Jo Garcia. Unfortunately, the videos are not embedable (yet), but you can click on Jo's "12 year old school boy" ass to watch the slightly NSFW videos at Playboys site:

New (Old) InSoc album coming out in August.

The Information Society blog has posted that a new 2CD InSoc retrospective will be released August 1st, 2008.

It will contain Digitally remastered versions of the InSoc EP and the Creatures of Influence LP for the first time that these will have been released on CD. There will be a second disc with live tracks and "rarities".

I have already pre-ordered mine, but if you're interested in you can pre-oder yours from the InSoc Shop.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A few music videos for a lazy afternoon...

Well...I bought tickets today. Tickets to the first Information Society concert in LA since 1996. And the first time the "big three" have been on stage here since something like 91. So I'm excited. And I'm dragging Becca. But turn about is fairplay they say. And I know there is no way I will be able to avoid being dragged to the New Kids on the Block reunion concert at Staples center...which I don't think I'll even be able to appreicate ironically.

To let Becca know I'm OK with her sexual reawakening at the thought of a 40 year old donnie, I figured I'd post the "preview" of their upcoming video for "Summertime". here it is:

Just to wash the taste of that video out of your mouth, I figured I'd also post Tatu's latest video (which is still sticking with the theme since Becca also has the hots for sexy Russian girls, which is fine by me):

So enjoy those as you round out your comes the weekend. Thanks to Idolator for giving me the heads up on these two vids.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Saint's Row 2 takes some pot shots.

In the spirit of full discloser I should say that I work at THQ, so I have a personal stake in hoping that Saint's Row can compete with GTA. But having said that I also own a copy of GTA IV and I have to admit that this trailer made me go, HA! That's right what is up with that cabaret shit anyway!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Does the world really need a water slide that does a loop? The Germans say "Ja!"

Got this one from Gizmodo. I can almost hear Becca saying "That's dope!" and Wilson adding "Oh my God, Arnold!" just before I pass out only to wake up and find that they have stuffed me into this death trap. Check it out below:

Keller strikes again.

Ol Keller sent me a link to this forum which had the following pictures:

This is sad, horrifying, hilarious, and jaw droppingly stupifying all at the same time.

Could this be the greatest movie since Dead Alive?

I'll just let this trailer I stole from japanator speak for iteself:

This movie is up on Amazon there's a chance we might have to have a drunken movie night...hope it turns out better than Old Boy. Yikes.