Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First non-ported blog post...

This is my first post since breaking free of MySpace. Won't be too epic, but I figured I'd throw up some nice looking pics that I'm stealing from TomoPop.

Working for a video game allows one to become intimately familiar with the subtle differences between one nerd sub group and the next.

For instance there is a certain type of nerd who adorns his desk with plaster busts like this:

Of course this type of nerd will also have certain busts that are literally "busts":

Related to this group are the nerds who like to have full on statues on thier desk...which is cool but lack the interactive flavor that I like:

No, I'm more of an action figure guy. Which is kind of wierd since I usually never take my action figures out of the packaging...but I like the fact that they are at least functionally entertaining in some way...even if I still display them exactly as I would if I were a stature / bust nerd.

It helps that actions figures have advanced to the point that most collectible action figures are basically poseable statues:

So I don't know how I feel about the Ghost in the Shell statue that TomoPop posted pics up. I'd get it, but I don't like what having it on my desk would say about the kind of nerd I am. Still take a look and decide for yourselves:

See if that was an action figure, I'd have no problem putting it on my desk. But as a just feels a little too nerdy, even for me.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This has been one hell of a looooooooooong day. (Originally posted on MySpace on Wednesday, August 16, 2006)

Just got off the phone with one of the producers of Company of Heroes. Looks like they're uploading yet another CD build. Sigh. I don't know how long I'm going to be here tonight. This day has been long and sucky.

Company of Heros is a big time computer game for the company and they are trying to get this thing out the door. So everyone is super tense. Unfortunately this is like a six disc game so each time they send a new build in, it means at least another four to six hours of burning...

So I came in today and the burn request queue was backed up beyond belief. The phone was ringing off the hook with everyone angrily wondering where their builds were, and the place looked like it got hit by a tornado.

Heidi had already gone home sick cause. Or rather she was sent home by Anthony who is about to go on vacation and after hearing that she stayed up all night in the bathroom decided he didn't want to get sick before his trip.

Looks like it didn't work, cause after I got in he ran to the bathroom and threw up twice. So then he went home too...leaving me with a queue full of unfinished burns and a pile of half done jobs and no real clear starting point. So I slogged through it on my own till glen got back from his lunch break. We both busted our humps...but never really got on top of it. It's kinda quited down and I was looking forward to going home and being with the jugee-one, but now it looks like I'll likely be here till midnight.

Oh well...the credit cards will get paid off that much faster that way.

On an up note I talked to Greg and got excited about both his new house, and the visit in November...should be fun. Looks like wer're going to disney land.

Oh well...

at least this is funny:


I warn you now, this one will be all over the place...(Originally posted on MySpace on Sunday, August 13, 2006)

OK. I got my new favorite uptempo house music station Clubber' bumping on the old shoutcast. I have a couple of the Negro Modelos I stole from the guys at work in me. And I am ready to write a dense stream of conciousness this one might be all over the place. Just try to stick with me.

First off, I have said before and I will say again. I HATE reality TV. I mean I HATE it. When I watch it, I think to myself., THIS is why the terrorists want to kill us all. This is why Sept. 11th happened. The show that inspired my vehomence was the GIRLS NEXT DOOR. There is something about the show that reminds me of my dad...sort of the diry old man with young girlfirends thing...but I got so dis-fucking-sgusted with the show I was ready to swear off TV until the end of Lent next year or something.

This particular episode (which for the purposes of the fact checking research minded readers out there who want to see for themselves) was called "Mutinay on the Booty." Anyway from what I gather...the girls (who for the uninitiaged are the girlfriends of Hugh Hefner) are involved in shooting some kind of special cover which as is explained in the kind of melodrmatic over-emphasized detail that I have only seen from Working Girls, Strippers, Fetish Models, and apparantly professional girlfriends of rich publishing moguls. Anyway...all these girls have to do is stand there. That's it. They have an ARMY of people adjusting every plastic nook and air brushed cranny. And all three of them end up in tears at seperat points...becuase of the STRESS of being naked. The STRAIN of having to be on a big time reality show. The TRIALS of being a modern day geisha who's only job is stagger into the photo shoot by noon (much of the episodes early drama...revolves around varoius reasons why getting there on time is such a chore.) And the fucking thing is DRIPPING with MELODRAMATIC SMALTZ. It is just sickening. I mean don't get me is at the same time brilliant. I know that this formula could work to make any job exciting. and make stars of us all. For example here's an excerpt from MASTERING LAB: Masters of the BURN

Glen: (Camera zooms in close as screeching tire sound effect plays) Um...
did you finish burning that scooby build.

Several cuts to ever member of the lab looking around nervously (obviously shot at several times of day...but cleverly edited to LOOK as if it was happening in sync with Glen's request). Elvis' suspicious minds fires up as RYAN walks in the room.

Glen: (Camera switches to black and white): Hey did you burn that scooby build.

Ryan: (Pan Zoom to Ryan's face as music switches to Natalie Imbruglia's "Just Leave me alone") Um...Scooby...Uh no.

Cut to Glen in the "Confessions Room": I knew he didn't burn that scooby build.

Cut to Ryan in the "Confessions Room": Honestly I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought he was way out of line.

Cut to a Montage of sideways glances between Ryan and Glen while Queen's Pressure plays.


So yeah the formula. It could work for anything. It's all about editing and careful placement of modern top 40 hits. And we can't get enough.

Next up. My weekend. Becca is out of town. So I basically spent all weekend at work. We are working on these Process documents as part of our departmental goals. Basically I have to write a guide that would be used either as a Mastering Lab handbook. Well, I say I have to write it but technically WE (the Mastering Lab has to write it). Unfortunatly we are talking about a 200 page document with screen shots and cross referenced web links and all that jazz...and that just isn't going to get done in the time we have during normal work hours. So I knew I'd have to put in some OT to get the rough drafts done so Glen and Heidi could do some passes over them and flesh them out. I worked yesterday from 10AM to 11PM and today from 9AM to 4...which might not seem like much but it is my DAY OFF and I am going to be working every weekend this month as Anthony is going out of town. So hey there you go.

I'm really missing Becca. This is the first time I have slept alone since I went to Boston in June of 2004. Pretty wierd. I thought I'd have fun doing the bachelor thing...but I had two beers and felt a little I decided to blog instead. All my friends are off doing their own things...but even if I wanted to go out I'd have to call it a night early since I work at 6AM tomorrow anyway. But I really see now just how much a part of my daily routine farting around with Becca is. I was folding laundry watching this show on History Channel about 9-11 and there was this fire fighter talking about his wife who's wife worked in the world trade center. He was talking about how she was dead and how he missed her...but the show was a sort of minute by minute "Countdown to Disaster" style show...and it turned out his wife hadn't died...but they were taking the audience through the day as he had seen it. I was crying like a little baby...thinking about what I'd do if some disaster hit LA and Becca died. I was like a jibbering school girl. Man I need to go for a walk. Which is what I did.

So now I'm back from the walk. And I think I'm gonna get in some DS playing before bed. I've got some thoughts on some Games/Music/Books coming soon as I'm done with the documents at work...until then I remain,

Your Humble Narrator...

2 blogs in one day...must be your birthday. (Originally posted on Myspace on Tuesday, August 08, 2006)

Got a little cut off there, so I'll try to get some more stuff up while the pace is slow.

Becca and I have gone totally DS crazy. I bought her a Nintendo DS so she could play Mario and Tetris between clients at the Spa. Well after covetously watching her play the New Super Mario game, I went down and bought a second DS. And then one thing led to another and we ended up spending about 300 bucks on DS games. Now we sit in the kitchen and IM each other with picto-chat. Which is a cool built in messanger on the DS. YOu can IM each other wirelessly. It's a little silly to IM someone who is sitting right next to you...but the fact that you can draw pictures and send them adds to the comedy factor. It didn't take long for me to start drawing crazy pictures of Foxy running around the house peeing with the caption "Foxy = pee bag".

Also we stood in Circuit City and drooled over the $3200 LCD tvs. Maybe someday. Right now I'm sticking by the "Milking the Xbox for all it's worth" guns. WE still have Marvel Legends and Justice LEague Heroes to look forward to.

Towards that end we bought Baldur's Gate I for the Xbox last night and started playing through it again. What a fun game.

Yes we are nerds. nerds in love.

HEY....MY SUN EYE'D GIRL (Originally posted on Myspace on Tuesday, August 08, 2006)

Well, old greg has been really harasing me for a blog update. I sort of left a blog-length comment on Emma's page about any of those of you looking to read the "rarities and b-sides" might head over there and peep that noise.

Anyway, Since he requested it I'll start off with a Greg related annecdote. For those of you who don't know my brother that well he has (or rather had...I don't know if he still does this since his taste in music has changed towards somewhat more intrumental faire of late) a torrette's like tendancy sing a snippet or phrase from a song repeatedly until all meaning is lost and the words themselves take on a sort of conversational cadence all there own. I remember one day in Wells he wandered around the house singing "She gets the pumpin straight to my heart...." from Nirvana's Anuerism over and over and over and over. LIKE ALL DAY LONG.

Well my point is that I too share this traight of mindless sub-concious singing and such. And today the song I am singing is from the new Beck album which I bought last night. Beck is like the king of catchy phrases that roll around in your head all day that you just sit there and sing and sing to yourself. At least to me. Like I can remember singing the first three lines from Cold Brains over and over while I studied in College...Anyway the album as a whole is refreshingly "Odelay"-ish. I found myself sort of tuning out of alot of 90s music in the last few years, but I've come back to a few groups...Beck and maybe Bjork I've been listening to again a bit. The new Beck album is a good listen to the whole album affair. But the stand out tracks are pretty much the singles that have been played a lot lately. Of those I'd have to say that I've been giving "Girl" a lot of personal airplay. The lyrics are creepy...sort of remind me of something Aaron would post on his blog. It starts out about this guy sort of watching this girl...and you think it's gonna be like a "Pretty Woman" type love song...but then he starts singing about how he's going to "take her eye and make her die". And take her away back where she belongs. Kind of Texas Chainsaw Masacre style. I wouldn't say that I like the song for the lyrics...I started liking it when I mistakenly thought it was a love song.


Because I know that all of you have been pretty anxious to know what the cat status is. (Originally posted on Monday, July 17, 2006)

So took ol' Foxy in to the vet for 120 bucks worth of shots and such. The urinalisys came back with blood, cloudiness, and yes, she does have some sort of infection. This doesn't mean that she will stop using the hallway as her personal litter box, but it has been known to cuase cats to pee where they shouldn't. So I'm taking her back in on Tuesday for another round of expensive penicillin shots. Also on a Cat note, Jeff cleared some of the (literally) foul air regarding the cat situation. He sat down with us and said he didn't want us to feel like he was giving us a hard time about the cat. He just wanted something to get done about it. It made me feel pretty good. Becca still feels stressed cause she feels like we're running out of options of things to do...

On to other things. We say Pirates of the Carribean yesterday. I'm not that familiar with the "davey jones" myth. But it seemed to me like it should have been Pirates of the HP Lovecraftian mythos. Not to give to much away but the main antagonist is basically a group of "Deep Ones" who comanda a Krakken which matches Lovecrats descriptions of Cthulu. That was my favorite part was the effects and make up of the "bad guys". As far as the rest of the stuff goes...I think that Kira and Orlando kind of give me the ut-oh feeling. I mean not only do the look like brother and sister throughout but towards the end as they get more disheveled and tan...there are some shots where I literally couldn't tell which one I was looking at. Not cool! I honestly can't even say how I felt about it. I came out having enjoyed myself but feeling a little bit like I was being marketed to or something. At least when I go into watch Doom, I dont' feel like there is any pretense of it being a great film...but I garuntee you that Pirates will be a big contender for Oscar "nods" as they say. I don't think it deserves them...but such is life.

Then Becca went home and got snuggly watching some TV and basically just "horsing off". It was a good day.

Oh crap...My Little Pony just popped out of the duplicator...gotta get back to work.

Goin’ all the way to .1 (Originally posted on MySpace on Thursday, July 13, 2006)

A couple of things that sort of fall under my typical "Isn't it funny how..." style of blogging:

1) It's wierd to see connections you never thought were I have three friends in my friends list who have birthdays on Jan. 21st. That's kinda wierd. I mean...and now it's happening again...beth and jackie...same day...and Cyber Ball and my cat Choco...born on the same day (well we estimated Choco's birthday...and Cyber Ball is a club night so both have a little wiggle room). I don't think I've ever had to choose which friends birthday to go to...but now I know it could happen...I'm stressing out over it. Wierd.

2) It is cold at work. The test teams are all moving to the new QA building. No one is here. No computers and Xbox 360s going all day. and it is freezing. Any of my THQ peeps no how wierd this's been a long time since I've I need a jacket or something...

3) finally...for a long time I was slowly building up my ultimate 80s vinyl dance mix collection for the inevitable day that I was asked to DJ some party or something. I had a chance to bust out my skills a couple of time at college parties...but have yet to truly hit the turn tables with some 10 minute pet shop boys remixes...but I'm slowly starting to turn my attention to the early 90s. I'm feening for some Utah Saints. Jonesing for some Jesus Jones...hankering for some get the idea. I've been picking up singles on ebay and pretty soon I'll have my early 90s acid house / dance mix night playlisted and ready to roll. For example today I've had Republica's "ready to go" stuck in my head...I think I'd mix it with a dance mix of Lush's "single girl" into which I'd mix Supreme Love Gods and a white label remix of Ned's atomic dustbin...oh the places I'd go.

4) I took the cat (foxy) to the vet. 5 shots and 120 bucks later and we'll be damn sure it isn't a urinary tract infection. The vet is pretty convinced that it's related to Foxy's transition to the new home and most likely the on agian off again relationship with Pipi. But she got some steroids which will relieve her hyper tension and arthritis...hopefully making her a little less skittish. we'll see.

Back in the sadle again...but I dodged a bullet. (Originally posted on MySpace on Saturday, July 08, 2006)

Whew, don't know how I did it. But although I did have to come into work today on my day off, I was able to be elected to "watch the lab" while all those other shlubs went to the new building to oversee three huge moving trucks worth of junk in the 100+ degree heat of the California desert. Anthony called to ask me if it was slow and if I could help and luckily some shit is going down with Saint's I had to say I was waiting it out. Here I am in the sweet sweet air conditioning while they are sweating it. I tell you I got some dangerous Karma building up here...I gotta make sure I let a few people cut in front of me in line at the movies or something.

The Ultimate car... (Originally posted on MySpace on Saturday, July 08, 2006)

See? Now this guy 'gets it'. What a sweet CAT-MOBILE. This will be me in 40 years.

One thing I can agree with Kelly on...(Originally posted on MySpace on Saturday, July 08, 2006)

My cat might make me clean his shit...but he'd never do THIS to my living room...

well I’m officially here late. (originally Wednesday, July 05, 2006)

First day back from Mom and Jim's and I'm here late. It's officially the Saint's Row team is pulling 24 hours which means that I've gotta get these burns to them before I go home. Oh well. At least I'll be making the FAT OVERTIME MONEY!!!

Mom introduced Becca and me to House. As you all know Becca and I don't watch prime time TV so we'd missed it...but it's a good show...we'll probably pick up the DVD.

General Veers Mint in Box. Rare!!! OOP!!! HTF!!!! (Originally posted on My Space on Wednesday, July 05, 2006)

So, I was thinking about Jeff and the house situation because of the cat pee situation and it reminded me of a conversation that we have yet to have but has been I think brewing or at least maybe I'm ignoring it or I don't know.

As anyone who knows me knows I have a big StarWars action figure collection. It is up on my wall over my computer, which coincidentally is in the living room. Now part of Jeff's issue with living in our house is that the "shared" spaces are sort of lorded over by Becca and I. I mean ALL the furniture in the living room is ours. And all the pictures and everything in the living room is ours as well. He sort of feels like the house isn't really "homey" due to this fact and I think to a certain degree he is embarased by some of this stuff.

When becca and I decided to stay in our current apartment we expressed an interest in getting some better furnature in the living room. Maybe making things a little more grown up...or at least have less of a hand me down feeling. Jeff showed enthusiasm for this plan. This plan however will cost money and the main reason that Becca and I decided to stay in the apartment for the time being was to SAVE money. We especially wanted to pay off our credit cards. We've been doing pretty good at this so far. In fact since we decided to stay I've knocked nearly 2500 bucks off my credit card debt (not to mention about 600 bucks off my student loans.) So we haven't made great in-roads towards buying new furniture because neither of us is in a ding dang hurry to run up our paid off credit cards any time soon. This is also the reason we haven't been making an effort to do any large scale vacationing this summer.

Of course I wouldn't stop Jeff from buying some new couches if he felt so inclined...but anyone who knows Jeff will be quick to tell you that him spending any large sum of money on home furnashings would be akin to the Pope spending a lot of money on skimpy G-String bikinis...not impossible...but highly improbable. So one day he left me this message on my voice mail that said something to the effect the interest of making the house more "grown up" why not take down the action figures. Now he prefaced this with the qualification that as I knew he was totally "down" with the action figures and that he was totally "into it" but implied that he was perhaps in the minority of people who would accept such an admittedly bizare habit.

I called him back and told him truthfully that Becca and I had discussed it and that we hadn't decided what we were going to do with the action figures.

This was no joke. We really hadn't decided what to do with them...but the cold chill of obstinant umbrage began to form like a fist in my stomach. For those of you who might need insight into why a grown man would hang children's toys on the wall here is my take on. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan. Oh don't get me wrong. I loved the first three films...but not more than say I loved the Fifth Element or Dune or Star Trek or some other Sci-Fi movie. A New Hope and Empire Strikes back are excellent excellent movies...but even return of the Jedi is a little lame. I"ve never been a big fan of the first twenty minutes of the film (and I am one nerd who thinks princess leia was hotter in her tight white hoth gear than her "slave outfit"). What I like about them is their sort of nostalgic pop cultural signifigance. I think when people come into the house they go, "Oh Cool. Look at all those things!" And they either think, "I remember having that guy" or they think, "Wow I didn't realize they made the fat x-wing pilot". But even if they think, "what the hell is wrong with this guy...why did he waste his time collecting all this shit." That's an appropriate response. If I had some Maplethorpe up on the wall I'm sure some people wouldn't "get it", but that wouldn't stop me from wanting it on the wall...I have it up there for myself. Not anyone else.

The crux of the situation is that I'm not even sure who it is Jeff is trying to impress or who it is that would look at these things with a disapproving eye so much so that it would negativly impact him. I can only assume that the person who disaproves is Jeff himself. But then we get into the sticky situation of who gets to decide what sort of stuff goes up in the "public areas". And to that I say...fuck it. I took all my shit down from the wall leading to Jeff's room...there is still a lot of space in the living room for other wall hangings...I would let Jeff put up whatever he wanted and if someone was to say "what the hell is that incredibly mature looking decoration doing up there?" I'd say...don't ask me, it's Jeff's. Which is what I'd assume he'd say to anyone who asked him about the stupid immature action figures. "oh that shit" he'd say "that's god damned T. Ryan's lame ass shit, what a retard...but what can you do...I mean I do share the house with least he let me put up my "My Dinner With Andre" poster." Which for the record I would let him put up despite my own personal feelings on the film...he has just never asked me to put it into the living room. Or anything else for that matter.

So I submit it to you. I can't be objective on this one. What do you, my readers think. Should I respect Jeff's feelings and take down the action figures in place of something like an oversized "vintage" poster for French Absinthe or should I just arrange them so they occupy less space overall and perhaps establish one section of the wall that is the "action figure" display area.

I'm curious to find out what you think.

another quiet night around the lab. (Originally posted on My Space on Wednesday, July 05, 2006)

Well, here I am again. counting down the last few minutes until I can go home. I think they are planning on putting a saint's row build in for burning...but I don't know if they expect me to burn it tonight. I sort of hope not.

I hope not becuase I have to get home and shampoo the fucking carpet again even though I spent about four hours shampoo-ing it last weekend. This is because the new cat is marking her territory by pissing in the hallway that leads to Jeff's room. This is exascerbating the already tense situation between Jeff and Becca that I am smack in the middle of. Jeff told me the cat was peeing last week and asked if I thought that the lady had gotten rid of it BECAUSE it was a pee box. I said, "I didn't know...but it did seem fishy that someone would get rid of a cat." I hadn't seen her pee since she first moved into the house...but sure enough the next morning there was a tiny SMELLY pee spot on the carpet. So Becca got a carpet cleaner from her boss and I cleaned the SHIT out of the fucking carpet. I was really stressing cause it sort of soured the already strained relations and I wanted to do everything I could to "make it right". I filled the thing with twice the amount of cleanser and also added in this liquid from petco that supposedly makes cats not want to pee whereever it is sprayed. I hoped that taht would be the end of the peeing. But we come through the door from visiting mom's house and Jeff comes out of his room and says, "Foxy peed again and it smells Puh-Rity-HUH-BAHD!!"

Well what the fuck could I say. I'm really pissed off. Foxy is a cute sweet cat...but considering that we aren't even supposed to have a cat it doesn't really bode well to have the whole house smelling like an acrid sewage processing plant (oh yeah did I mention there's a heat wave in LA and that I don't have any airconditioning so the cat pee is BAKED IN!!! nice.

I don't want to get rid of the cat...but I don't know what to do. I hope she settles down otherwise I'll be dealing with guilt and tension around an already guilty tension filled house.

I guess Raleigh's got the right idea. Time to move into our own place. Only problem is there's barely a Condo available for less than 400,000. This sucks.

Buy now, only three copies left. (Originally posted on MySpace on Thursday, June 29, 2006)

Kind of sad that this is the peak of my acting career. A user wrote some nice things about Becca though..."especially badkitty". NICE!!
Click the pic to check it out!!!

It’s hotter’n a witches crotch today...(Originally posted on MySpace on Wednesday, June 28, 2006)

Wow. I have a HEAD ache. work is like CRAZY! we are busy busy and I haven't even had time to go pee for hours at a time. It sucks...also it is really hot despite the air conditioner.

That's it. just complaining. Nothing positive to say, other than that at least I'm getting a few days off over the 4th.


I got hacked. (Originally posted on MySpace on Sunday, June 18, 2006)

Someone posted a bulletin using Jenny Mia's name that said, "fuck all y'all niggers, jk jk lol." She put up a bulletin shortly after saying that she was sorry and that she didn't really post that. This sucks. Then today I log in only to find that someone sent the same post with MY screen name. That totally sucks. I'm pretty mad about it. Luckily I have several friends who work at myspace...who are currently getting to the bottom of this I'm sure. It's one thing to have your identity's another to have someone use your identity to spread hate speech. It really has me steemed. I hope that hacker drowns in a sink hole over an overfilled septic tank and spends three hours coughing up human waste before he sucombs and sinks to the bottom like the piece of shit he is. The word Nigger is about the ugliest thing you could call someone, and I'll be damned if that word will be attributed to me. Fuck all y'all hackers. LOL.

spring cleaning (Originally posted on MySpace on Friday, June 16, 2006)

I updated my blog formating to resemble the color scheme of a classic computer...kind of like an EGA BBS board or something. mostly it's the influence of that damn Hacker book I'm reading...but I liked by blue-green-yellow color scheme on my profile page so I decided my blog should match...oh well time to go HOME!!!! yeah!!!

and another thing...(Originally posted on MySpace on Wednesday, June 14, 2006)

am I the only one who doesn't find Dane Cook funny. I don't get him...when I watch him all his jokes seem so obvious. He's like the guys from the production company across from starbucks who used to come in and flirt with Karin and Sara Heighway...I'd just cringe at how stupid their jokes were...but I hear EVERYONE at work parroting his lame ass routines...I'll admit is delivery is engaging...but when you take away his breathless rambling, the material is kind of been there done that 80s nostalgia and tired blowjob jokes.

Don't get me wrong I like formula...I laugh at every Family Guy "It's like that time when..." joke, so I'm not some kind of high minded comedy snob...

A real blog this time. (originally posted on MySpace on Wednesday, June 14, 2006)

well a lot of stuff has been happening. Here is a highly disorganized summary of my life of late in no particular order and in an especially convoluted style. We'll call it stream of conciousness.

We got a new girl in the Mastering Lab. It's a little early to tell how she's working out. No one in the lab is really cut out for "training". Glen is basically to jaded to focus with the kind of patience. Anthony just plain doesn't work with her enough to impact her development and I fear that I have a tendency to provide to much "guidance" in that I need to allow her to make mistakes...It's hard since everything in here is best learned through experience, but I can't help but butt in and go..."hold on, you might want to do this before you do that". I think she'll be good once she gets up to speed...we just have to stay vigilent.

Father's day is coming up soon. As I'm sure most everyone is aware. I am sort of wallowing in "I'm a bad son" self pity. Every time I talk to dad on the phone I get the sense that he'd really like us to come up and visit him. And I'd really like to do that...but is so damn expensive. It's 500 bucks per person to fly there...and after the last few horrible car trips I've taken to Boise, I don't feel like wasting half my trip in the car. It's hard for me to get more than four or at the most five days off from work (even as I write this I find myself going...five days...yeah right) I don't want to waste my time I do get off driving...I'd like to get up to Boise at some point...but I might just opt to stay in LA and save money like the bad son I am.

Also this whole Information Society back on the scene has really sent me over the edge. I've been downloading every scrap of interview I can find and trolling myspace and various google newsgroups like a superfan. I've gone so far as to begin buying up cheap CD singles of other early 90s electronic bands with the inkling I might try to work out a DJ set of bands like InSoc, The Farm, Utah Saints, The Shamen, Cause and Effect, Red Flag, etc. Who knows, I'm insane.

Also I am feeling fat. All this stress at work since E3 and the new girl got hired and I've been eating like shit again and not riding my damn bike enough...I was doing really good for a couple of months...really proud of myself and now I feel like an adict falling off the wagon...I think it's cause I totally dominated the weight loss competition between the other guys at work none whom took it to serious...and the competitive edge began to fade away as they started treating me like some kind of weird bike shorts wearing fairy.

Anything else to report...nothing to important...I guess...oh I'm reading a book about's totally interesting to read about all these nerds working on computers in the 60s that filled up a whole room and would not contain enough memory to display the text of this blog...just sick...the IBM 709 at MIT in the late 50s cost 4 MILLION dollars and had less than 64K of MEMORY and it filled a whole floor of a research lab and was manned round the clock by a fleet of computer techs and air conditioning servicemen.

GAK, I've got to get back to figuring out the budget for next quarter!!! see ya on the fiip!!!

Another nerdy video game related post. (Originally posted on My Space on Tuesday, June 13, 2006)

Anyone who has played Resident Evil 4 knows how rediculous the "Shop Owner"'s voice sounds. I don't know if he's supposed to sound like a bad pirate impression or what but it gets pretty stupid after about the 100th time the guy asks..."Whaterya BOOYIN". The guys at Mega64 do a pretty good spoof of this. As with most of their stuff it's funny for the first 30 seconds and then you sort of wish they'd build it up to something even more...but hey tapping one hilarious note over and over is better than tapping out a few kinda-funny notes. You be the judge:

Another weekend come and gone. (Originally posted on MySpace on Monday, June 12, 2006)

Well. I am sitting here waiting for our "Cleaning People" to get here. We have a cleaning husband and wife team who clean our apartments. I like to say...oh yeah I didn't call the Cleaning Gentlemen. And people always go, you have a cleaning Gentleman...Oh yes I say. He's quite good. And he is. I sort of see a Lifetime style film on Spike TV about the Man who dared to cross gender lines and become a cleaning gentlemen. Despite the odds...despite how everyone said it couldn't be done. Well, he proved them wrong!!! Anyway...becuase Greg demanded it, here are some pics of the new cat.

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The 3rd greatest fucking day of my life. (Originally posted on MySpace on Friday, May 26, 2006)

For those of you outside of my brothers who didn't know me in Jr. High. I was a painfully nerdy, fat kid who didn't really get why he wasn't cool. I thought the stuff I was into was cool. Like comic books and star trek and japanimation as I used to call it (now called ANIME by the nerd snobs). It was a tough time. Moving a lot and having wierd new stepdads and stepmoms and being a (relatively) poor kid at (really) rich school. One of the few things that kept me from committing suicide was Information Society. Don't Laugh FUCKERS!!! To me they were brilliant. They struck a cord. All these aching unrequited love songs fed through the filter of sci-fi and hacker mystique. And this was before the Matrix and a million other lame ass films had sort of sullied the idea of the hackers. This might have even been before l33t speak. I don't know. But I really identified with those damn songs.

Well I found out today that the band is Getting back together!! Fuck they are even touring! They are putting together a website at and have a myspace page with new songs up.

I couldn't be more excited.

Here's a pic from the recent press photo shoot they did with the two new band members:


Myspace? Huh, More like GUYspace...(Originally posted on Myspace on Wednesday, May 24, 2006)

...would be a good title that people would probably want to read more about.

One for my Hommies...(Originally posted on MySpace on Monday, May 22, 2006)

This picture is hilarious to me. I think it'll only be funny to game industry nerds who recognize the two guys in the picture as Shigero Miyamoto (creator of Mario and Donkey Kong, current head of Nintendo game development) and Satoru Iwata (President of Nintendo). The DS was sneared at by everyone (including me) and it has totally killed in the Japanese market. I mean you think the Xbox 360 was scarce...try finding the DS lite in Japan. Forgeddaboutit.>

OH what 70 pictures wasn’t enough for’s some more!!!! (originally posted on MySpace on Wednesday, May 17, 2006)

In this brief missive I can relate that I literally bumped into Shigero Miyamoto at the E3. I was taking pictures of the Nintendo booth and turned around. And as there he was. The man who created Mario, Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda. The man who saved the video game industry from the great crash of '83 brought on by Atari and it's mismanagement. I wanted to take his picture...but I just watched him walk by with his minions. Man I love my job.'s the second half of the pics: