Tuesday, April 29, 2008

another quiet night around the lab. (Originally posted on My Space on Wednesday, July 05, 2006)

Well, here I am again. counting down the last few minutes until I can go home. I think they are planning on putting a saint's row build in for burning...but I don't know if they expect me to burn it tonight. I sort of hope not.

I hope not becuase I have to get home and shampoo the fucking carpet again even though I spent about four hours shampoo-ing it last weekend. This is because the new cat is marking her territory by pissing in the hallway that leads to Jeff's room. This is exascerbating the already tense situation between Jeff and Becca that I am smack in the middle of. Jeff told me the cat was peeing last week and asked if I thought that the lady had gotten rid of it BECAUSE it was a pee box. I said, "I didn't know...but it did seem fishy that someone would get rid of a cat." I hadn't seen her pee since she first moved into the house...but sure enough the next morning there was a tiny SMELLY pee spot on the carpet. So Becca got a carpet cleaner from her boss and I cleaned the SHIT out of the fucking carpet. I was really stressing cause it sort of soured the already strained relations and I wanted to do everything I could to "make it right". I filled the thing with twice the amount of cleanser and also added in this liquid from petco that supposedly makes cats not want to pee whereever it is sprayed. I hoped that taht would be the end of the peeing. But we come through the door from visiting mom's house and Jeff comes out of his room and says, "Foxy peed again and it smells Puh-Rity-HUH-BAHD!!"

Well what the fuck could I say. I'm really pissed off. Foxy is a cute sweet cat...but considering that we aren't even supposed to have a cat it doesn't really bode well to have the whole house smelling like an acrid sewage processing plant (oh yeah did I mention there's a heat wave in LA and that I don't have any airconditioning so the cat pee is BAKED IN!!! nice.

I don't want to get rid of the cat...but I don't know what to do. I hope she settles down otherwise I'll be dealing with guilt and tension around an already guilty tension filled house.

I guess Raleigh's got the right idea. Time to move into our own place. Only problem is there's barely a Condo available for less than 400,000. This sucks.

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