Friday, April 25, 2008

(Originally posted on My Space on Saturday, September 03, 2005


It's a good thing I didn't have fucking myspace when I was in high school or I would have tried to take a greyhound bus across the country to hang out with some crazed "RETRO PIN-UP" diva.

So many people out there are way to into their "scenes"...I mean way. I mean wow. I am suprised that a large number of people who I consider to be close friends..people who are intelligent and interesting have all these PROFESSIONAL pictures of themselves like in full bondage gear or on the hood of some 1940 Ford with like a full-on Bonnie and Clyde motiff going...I mean..hey I'm into coll shit like that too...but I mean I am really suprised to see the time and energy that some people have put into this stuff..I mean to me it isn't that far removed from Cos-Play or (look it up). It's a little nerdy...I mean ok...with Aaron its ok cause he's a professional he should have head shots, and for say Naughty Angel...she's a shall we say burlesque technician...and she has made MONEY of being a fetish model...but if you are a sales exec for some Bottling company or something like that then you have no right to have a HUGE PORTFOLIO OF BUDOUR PHOTOGRAPHY...I mean jees...It to me is a little like creepy people who dress up and re-enact the Civil War...I saw this one chick who I think really believes it IS the 50s...

Where am I going with this rant? I don't know...I guess maybe I'm jealous that I haven't taken the time to take an old sterograph and taken some moody black and white pictures of me and my cat in a cherry orchard...

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