Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A real blog this time. (originally posted on MySpace on Wednesday, June 14, 2006)

well a lot of stuff has been happening. Here is a highly disorganized summary of my life of late in no particular order and in an especially convoluted style. We'll call it stream of conciousness.

We got a new girl in the Mastering Lab. It's a little early to tell how she's working out. No one in the lab is really cut out for "training". Glen is basically to jaded to focus with the kind of patience. Anthony just plain doesn't work with her enough to impact her development and I fear that I have a tendency to provide to much "guidance" in that I need to allow her to make mistakes...It's hard since everything in here is best learned through experience, but I can't help but butt in and go..."hold on, you might want to do this before you do that". I think she'll be good once she gets up to speed...we just have to stay vigilent.

Father's day is coming up soon. As I'm sure most everyone is aware. I am sort of wallowing in "I'm a bad son" self pity. Every time I talk to dad on the phone I get the sense that he'd really like us to come up and visit him. And I'd really like to do that...but is so damn expensive. It's 500 bucks per person to fly there...and after the last few horrible car trips I've taken to Boise, I don't feel like wasting half my trip in the car. It's hard for me to get more than four or at the most five days off from work (even as I write this I find myself going...five days...yeah right)..so I don't want to waste my time I do get off driving...I'd like to get up to Boise at some point...but I might just opt to stay in LA and save money like the bad son I am.

Also this whole Information Society back on the scene has really sent me over the edge. I've been downloading every scrap of interview I can find and trolling myspace and various google newsgroups like a superfan. I've gone so far as to begin buying up cheap CD singles of other early 90s electronic bands with the inkling I might try to work out a DJ set of bands like InSoc, The Farm, Utah Saints, The Shamen, Cause and Effect, Red Flag, etc. Who knows, I'm insane.

Also I am feeling fat. All this stress at work since E3 and the new girl got hired and I've been eating like shit again and not riding my damn bike enough...I was doing really good for a couple of months...really proud of myself and now I feel like an adict falling off the wagon...I think it's cause I totally dominated the weight loss competition between the other guys at work none whom took it to serious...and the competitive edge began to fade away as they started treating me like some kind of weird bike shorts wearing fairy.

Anything else to report...nothing to important...I guess...oh I'm reading a book about Hackers...it's totally interesting to read about all these nerds working on computers in the 60s that filled up a whole room and would not contain enough memory to display the text of this blog...just sick...the IBM 709 at MIT in the late 50s cost 4 MILLION dollars and had less than 64K of MEMORY and it filled a whole floor of a research lab and was manned round the clock by a fleet of computer techs and air conditioning servicemen.

GAK, I've got to get back to figuring out the budget for next quarter!!! see ya on the fiip!!!

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