Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gears of M. F. ’n WAR!!!!!! (Originally posted on Thursday, November 09, 2006)

I used a little of my "juice" to get a copy of gears of war on my lunch break. I just pulled out the old "stupid indignant customer" routine. Basically I was like..." guys don't have a copy? I called and talked to someone named Greg earlier..he said he'd hold a copy for me...(I had, but Greg had actually told me that they only had copies for people who preordered)...I just drove from Eagle Rock!!!" Well needless to say the scene I was making was making the poor guy behind the counter a little he said..."well, I have some but I don't think we're supposed to give them out yet." "And what about you think it's funny that I drove 30 milies to get this game because your employees lied to me?" I asked.
"um um"...he stammered.
"Just sell him it" said the other slightly older, fatter and more pimply nerd straightening the Dead or Alive Extreme 2 standee...
Ha Score!!!! Some poor sucker out there isn't gonna get his pre-order cause I'm such a disembler!!!

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