Thursday, May 1, 2008

Had a good talk with Greg. (Originally posted on MySpace on Saturday, September 23, 2006)

Well I spent my whole lunch break on the phone with the McGee. He and Genevieve are moving to the new house on Saturday. He sounded pretty good. Said he's been playing a lot of emulated old Dos games in his spare times...which reminds me I need to figure out the SCUMM emulation on my pocket PC so I can get around to playing Secret of MOnkey Island while I'm on the go.

Tonight is Ezzy's B-Day, so I"m gonna swallow my pride and go to a Hip Hop club over the hill. It's the Century might have heard Dr. Dre rap about it from time to time.

My old Buddy Joey Bazolio used to work there when I first moved to I've been there wasn't the kind of place I'd go out of my way to go to again. My only hope is that Becca comes home to pooped to pop and can't make it...otherwise I'll spend the whole night getting teased about my "lack of rhythm" and "inability to get crunk." Still Ezzy's been a pretty good sport about going to the goth clubs with me and Becca...and it is her looks like we're going. We can all get in free if we get there between I think 9 and if anyone wants to go with us...head to the Century Club and tell 'em your with Ezzy's party...

See you there.

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