Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Xbox shilling.... (Originally posted on My Space on Friday, September 29, 2006)

Here's another video to corrupt greg's mind with. Seems Genevieve is a little gunshy about him loading up their computer with all his system altering programs. According to the McGee, she's a little more comfortable with a gaming system that wont suddenly cause her internet explorer to stop working. I can understand that sentiment...also there's something to say about the plug and play nature of a game system. This week we got a retail xbox 360 into the mastering lab under the dubious pretense of "Research". Let me tell you that thing is sweet. Anyway here's a montage of videos from the X06 to get the claws into Gregs brain a little deeper...I mean come on Greg and Genevieve have a 50" TV'd be a crime to only use that baby to watch America's Top Model and Sex in the City reruns...

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