Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nitzer Ebb show last night. (Originally posted on MySpace on Thursday, September 14, 2006)

Saw Nitzer Ebb last night. It was totally sweet. The venue was at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Which is in Downtown Disney. Kind of a wierd place to see Nitzer Ebb. Disneyland. But the venue was so was really cool. It's kind of depressing though when you think about it. Here's a band that played with (well I guess, opened for) depeche mode and now Depeche Mode is selling out Arenas and Nitzer Ebb is touring to support a greatest hits album and haven't put out any new material since the mid-90s.

Still they were great. They played every song you could want to hear by them...I mean...all the hits anyway. I wouldn't have minded if they played all the songs from That Total Age in order...and just did a couple of songs form their other albums as an encore. But there are hardcore Ebb Heads out there who wanted to hear stuff from Big Hit. I don't get that...but I guess it's like how everyone goes apeshit when Depeche Mode plays I Feel You...which I always thought was kind of a week to each their own.

They sounded great, looked great, and had lots of energy...which considering how long its been since they've been on the road is pretty inpiring. And the new drummer chick was that rounded out the evening nicely.

I don't really think there are "camps" in teh industrial scene...but I've gotten into a few arguments about who is more played out Nitzer Ebb or Skinny Puppy....frankly I'm a skinny puppy hater...and I can't see why anyone would prefer them over Nitzer Ebb...but that goes back to personal preference I guess.

My only complaint is that they didn't really spruce up any of the arangements much. I's a dangerous thing when an electronic band sounds too much like the album...cause then it's like...I could ahve just stayed home and listened to the CD.

Still I hope they put out another album...and go on tour again. It was a great show.

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