Thursday, May 1, 2008

Perversion...(Originally posted on MySpace on Friday, October 20, 2006)

Well, dusted off the old steel toes and hit up perv last night as a kind of pre birthday bash. As a note of trivia the clock sturck midnight and I left my twenties behind I was dancing to "pre-melinial tension" by Covenant. I'm not sure of the signifigance but I had fun.

Aaron and Sarah were there as well as Becca nd Molly so there was lots of standing around and talking shit about all the other crazy club people as is usually the case.

Overall though I felt old. Perversion is not what it used to be. And compared to Becca and Aaron I'm a total perversion n00b. But they don't even have enough people to open the goth room. It's really sad. If I had to guess I'd say there maybe 100 people there...I remember (in my day) when the place was so packed you could harld walk around, and forget about dancing.

I wonder if its all due to Bunker or the death of DJ Jen...or if the times have just changed or what....but it definatly made me feel like Barry Manilow looking at the Copa turning into a disco. Or something. That wasn't a good metaphor...but you get the idea.

Also I got a really sweet letter from Mom and Jim that was all full of heart felt mushiness. It really put me in a good mood. So overall I had a fun time and want to go again sometime soon. To bad all us old timers have serious day jobs now.

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