Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Silver Lining...

Like many of my fellow retro game fans I was pretty upset that the Classic Gaming Expo 2008 was recently canceled. I've never been to the expo, but given that it's in Las Vegas and I have a big pile of vacation time that I've accumulated I had planned to go. Everything I've heard about the show made it sound totally awesome.

Well, my disappointment has been tempered by the recent update to the California Extreme Website which states that the show is indeed happening again this year! The dates of the show will be July 19 - 20, 2008 in San Jose and tickets are on sale now!

This show is a little more indie...and it's in the heart of Silicon Valley so from what I understand it's a little more on the "keepin it real" tip. I'm going to try to talk Keller and Wilson into going to this.

The trick of it is that it's the weekend before comic-con so it looks like I have a busy July in the works. I'll keep you posted as the fathers of the industry make their inevitable announcements that they'll be in attendance.

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