Thursday, May 1, 2008

way to go dip shit. (Originally posted on My Space on way to go dip shit)

Well that's just great. Ol' North Korea is poppin of nukes like its the freakin forth of July over there.

Don't worry though...we got through the cold war...we'll get through this...oh wait...wait...don't we have all of our forces tied up in a bullshit occupation of Iraq that our president lied to us to get us into.

Well that's ok I'm sure China and Russia won't take advantage of the situation ...wait a minute...hasn't or national foreign policy alienated these other powers who might like to see us get what we had coming?

Boy, I bet the Japanese are wishing they hadn't been such jerk offs to the Chinese in ol' WW 2, cause guess where those nukes are gonna hit first. And china's just gonna sniff and go...well I guess what goes around comes around.

And eventually N. Ko will get there hands on some long range shit from syria or lybia or some such and then it's good bye LA....and with it your humble author.

I guess we'll get whats coming to us...I mean...Girls Next Door...I mean...shit...they had a birthday party for their dogs and they're arguing about whos gonna marry a guy old enough to be thier grandpa...

Maybe we don't deserve the "freedom" that all those guys are needlessly dying for in Iraq.

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" - John Kerry, 1971..table>

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