Monday, July 14, 2008

It'll never be as good as Dad's true favorite.

It's no secret that my dad is a huge StarCraft fan. I've tried many times unsuccessfully to parlay that love into an appreciation of the Sci Fi RTS that THQ puts out. Namely Dawn of War. Now I had a 5 hour a day StarCraft habit so I know how good that game is. But you'll just have to trust me that I like Dawn of WAr just as much. It's not exactly the same. You can't really turtle and there's more micromanagement that goes on in maintaining the rock paper scissors balance...but I think DoW is every bit as fun as star craft.

Anyways, THQ just released a new E3 Trailer 'introducting a new race' namely the Eldar. I think it's more like we're seeing the Eldar for the first time...since they were introduced in the first game...but that's semantics. Here's the vid:

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