Thursday, July 31, 2008

THQ Marketing department does it again!

Most everyone I work with here at THQ has dreams of one day parlaying the toil and drudgery of the QA department for the perceived fame and glory of our colleagues across the street in the Production Development department.

But it looks like maybe we're going about it all wrong. Maybe all we had to do to get that promotion to Associate Producer was to star in a few high profile porn flicks.

A few days ago it was announced that THQ's Volition Studio had hired a new "Special Developer". None other than the "Brown Jenna Jameson", Tera Patrick. Sigh. I didn't post about it because I didn't find it as respectable a marketing ploy as when THQ used Gary Busey, or when THQ implicated that GTA was for n00bs and lamerz. But there is a new video up on IGN that is too bad (good?) to be ignored. Enjoy:

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AaronFlux said...

BOOBS! Now why couldn't that have been going on when I was there?