Thursday, August 7, 2008

Settin up lights with the in-laws. (Originally posted on MySpace Dec 3, 2008)

Man. I am broke. For those of you who don't know. Jeff moved out of our place on November 1st. This is month two of Becca and I paying twice the rent we're used to. It has pros and cons. I think that it was really time for Becca and I to live on our own. And in all likely hood if we moved out we'd be paying almost the same for a one bedroom. But man. It's a LOT Of scratch. especially for Becca. She's paying almost an extra 400 bucks a month.

The downside of this is that it means that Becca and I will not get to be the insane santa clauses that we have been in years past. We have had a lot of fun shopping for people and doing lists and all that stuff. But most likely this year it's gonna be home made pine cone christmas ornaments or something.

That doesn't mean there aint no christmas cheer. Far from. Ol' Becca and I went over to her folk's place yesterday to set up Christmas lights. We've spent the last few holidays and Mom and Jim's (Christmas) and Dad's (New Years) and we felt like we should spend it with Becca's folks. Little did I know that was gonna sign us up for several days of Christmas preperation. I spent most of my time yesterday on a ladder listening to Larry and Andrea screaming at each other about lights in the drive way. This was before we moved in side to help Becca with the Tree (great job by the way BEEB. I'll post some pics when I steal them from you phone) and then we got to hear her parents go at each other about which CD had the best Christmas music. It was classic holiday times. And to top it off Becca's mom and dad bought us a (fairly good, I'd say a 3.5 out of 5) Thai Food dinner complete with an anachronistic Optimator Spatten (which actually was a little to rich for me. I've been laying off the beer lately.)

I even had a brief moment of disagreement with Larry over who was singing...I said Bing he said Frank...turns out he was right (I never should have even argued)...a young Frank sounds a LOT like Bing with all those melodramatic lilting vibratos....I think Frank turned into more of a Belter in his later career.

That's about it. Oh...that and I created a new Xbox Live Account for the Mastering Lab Xbox 360 so I can play online on my lunch breaks. The new name is TotenMensch. So if I add any of you or if anyone wants to add's what his gamer card looks like:

My main Xbox Live account is "Teknohed":

Feel free to add either one.

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