Monday, September 8, 2008

Silent Hill 2 demake makes me want to pick back up on my C++.

Lately, I've been kind of down on Destructoid. I've had to many shit heads post bitchy little "meh" comments on my blog over there. Plus, Retroforce Go!, has sort of worn out it's appeal. I'll never get tired of Chad, but the rest of those guys are too uninformed and or too single mindlessly obsessed with obscure genre's for my tastes. But today the Estrogen Filled Center of RFG posted up a pretty sweet article today which may have redeemed the robot. At least for a few weeks.

Essentially it's a demake of Silent Hill 2 called Soundless Mountain. It is supposed to be as if it was made for the NES, but according to the programmer Superflatit is really closer to a GameBoy Color game in terms of graphics and programming.

Anywho...check out this video of a game that I would buy if it came out on an NES cart (destructoid has a video up to, but it has a damn pop up add in the player and I don't like that...but it's essentially the same as the youtube below):

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