Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another 30 years until I can buy that RV. (Originally posted on MySpace on Jan 25th, 2007)

I was clicking around my various financial cards..etc. When just for fun I decided to pop over to fidelity so I could check up on my 401k options. I've been meaning to sign up for deductions so I can start saving some of this mad cash I'm making for retirement...but well...I've been too busy buying furniture at Ikea and crap like that...anywhoos...something interesting was afoot. Turns out THQ plopped a big ol contribution to my 401k plan. despite the fact that I'm not making any payroll deductions. It wasn't a lot of money...but it was a pleasant finding a twenty in a pair of pants you haven't worn for six months (which never happens to me cause I'm OCD about my wallet...but I know people to whom it has happened and I'm sure it would be cool.)

Anyway I was like..this is a sign...if THQ is gonna contribute to my 401k, I guess I should have at least the same amount of interest in my financial future. So I started deducting 6% pre tax. 75% is gonna go to the THQ retirment fund (which I guess is like a savings account...gotta do more research) and 25% is gonna go to the US Savings Bonds...which I gather is more of a long term investment type thing. Anyway I should do research cause there is so many ways to split up the investment...should I put it al in safe 5% gain funds...or spread it around all over the place...conceivably I could just put about 7% of the contribution in an even spread across every available fund...but that might be stupid.

Any money managers out there with any advice? I gotta make sure I can buy that p-51 replica plane when I'm 65 and be the barn storming grandpa!!!

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