Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another... (Originally posted on MySpace on March 1, 2007)

While I was searching for a good Space Quest image for my post on AdventureCon I came across this image:

It's a screen shot from a "Space Quest 1" total conversion mod for Doom 3 by a designer named Reid Kimbal. What an awesome idea! I'm not really sure how Space Quest would work as a first person game. But would be a unique way to bring such a classic game to some of the young kids who might never have heard of it otherwise.

Sadly in a news update that is strangely reminicent of one of Aaron's classic "Well my day sucked!" style blogs (in this one Reid goes on for a few sentences about his ititable bowels, his dietary habits, and looking for a job post Ritual) Reid announces that he has stopped working on this mod and that it has been effectively canceled. Which is really sad. Reid however has chosen to spend his time focusing on the more noble pursuit of Close Captioning for video games. And issue that I have to say will probably impact gamers lives in a more meaningful way than would have the Space Quest mod. Here's hoping that he might return to this mod. In the meantime you can check out some his work for deaf gamers at the GamesCC website.

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