Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Ol' Mess a Pics. (Originally Posted on MySpace on Dec 11, 2006)

I finally hornswaggled Becca's Phone from her so I could pull off some pics that need to be posted for the sake of our adoring public. So I'll try to put these up with some commentary. Let's Start off with some Montano De Oro pics from when we went to Mom's for Jim's Birthday:

Next Up, A couple of Pics from when we decorated The Christmas Tree at Becca's Parents House:

Then We Have some nice little pics of me unboxing the Xbox 360
that Raleigh and Emma and them Arnold Brothers 2.0 got for me:

Then we got a Couple of Pics of Becca's Sweet ass bike:

And some pics of Becca and Aaron and I when we went to Nitzer Ebb:

Then a quick pic of My new transitional lenses:

And of Course no pic blog would be complete without at least one pic of Choco so we'll wrap it up with him:

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