Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Christmas Memories... (Originally posted on MySpace Dec 15, 2006)

Another Christmassy pos... This time the list is gonna be top ten Christmas Memories for Da T:

10. Going with Dad and Vickie to Toys R Us in VEgas and basically being told...we're to lazy to get you guys presents on the sly...just fill up a damn basket and let's get this over with already.
9. Lighting the menorah with ol' Mark Pratter...and playing dreidel with the hot jewish babe at the Los Osos synagoge back in sixth grade.
8. Almost setting the sage brush on fire during last years Wells 3rd Annual Arnold Brothers Fire Works Extravaganza.
7. Hearing Megan clomping through the kitchen in Elko and thinking it was Santa Claus.
6. Learning to effectivly use swear words while watching Dad play Space Invaders on our spanking new Atari 5200.
5. Walking with Mom and Jim to see the crazy street of Christmas Lights in SLO.
4. Nearly Running out of gas on the way to Wells with Greg in the middle of the night, in the middle of a snow storm, 100 miles outside of Ely only to have the bug wheeze to a lurching stop just outside a patroleum plant (they let us buy gas for $6.00 a gallon talk about a christmas miricle).
3. Getting the Eagle from the Ol' Man and driving home with Raleigh and Greg in a snow storm after about 30 minutes of practice driving a stick shift.
2. Watching Calvin freak out over the sweet fish tanks at the Rain Forest Cafe during an ill advised, dad funded trip to vegas.
1. The first Christmas Becca spent running the gauntlet of Mom's for X-Mas, Dad's for New Years. She was a real trooper...and after she survived that, I knew she was the girl for me.

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