Thursday, March 12, 2009

A few items. (Originally posted on MySpace on Feb 23, 2007)

Hmmmm let's see. I'm going to try to do this whole post without mentioning video games...but it's gonna be hard cause Becca and I played the Crackdown demo last night and I had some impressions. But here's an interesting read that I picked up from Henry Jenkins blog via the Game|Life blog. It's basically an anthropological look at Japanese pop cultural influence on America. It's something I see here at work a lot. There are some guys who are OBSESSED with anime and japanese music, etc. I used to be a big Anime fan, but that was back when it wasn't as "mainstream" as it is now. I'm not elitist...I just don't have time to sift through the avalanche of Japanese animation that floods into the US. Used to be that if something got brought over here it had to be good, now with Cartoon Network and G4 showing lots of Anime the floodgates are opened and there's a lot of crap out there that's just boring. But the consept of pop-cultural cosmopolitanism, that is Americans trying to escape the perochial pop culture of the US for the J-Cool culture of japan makes for an interesting read.

I'm a little broke from the cruise but the weahter is getting nicer and I AM going to finally by the trailer hitch for the integra so Becca and I can take the bikes to the mountains. I'll also have to by some real tires...hey...small price to pay. I'd like to hit some good fire roads...maybe take the bikes up to moms and ride around on Madonna mountain.

What else, work has been pretty busy. Working the early shift I've come in the past few days to find things pretty messed up and had to struggle to bring order to Chaos. It's been a little trying.

On a personal note, Greg and Raleigh have both called me the last couple of and I haven't called them back. If I don't call you today I'll try to buzz you tomorrow during the day when things are a little less hectic. I've been going home burned the last couple of days and just taking massive naps. That's what happens when you turn 30.

Anything else? Hmmm...nothing interesting. We're going to a "house" club on Saturday cause Becca's buddies are into it and they're sick of us dragging them to the goth clubs...I guess turn about's fair play...but can you have fun at a house club if your not on E or something? I guess we'll find out.

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