Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A few wordson RSS for Aaron and a funny video for everyone else... (Originally Posted on MySpace on Dec 17, 2006)

Ok. this is gonna be a little boring to anyone who doesn't care about technology...but if you don't care just skip to the video below. It is Hilarious. NSFW, BTW. It uses a south park style animation with audio clips from the legend of zelda's funny.

But before you get desert you have to eat your meat:

Here's what Wikipedia has to say aobut RSS feeds. In a nut shell an RSS feed is a bit of XML code that can be used by an RSS feed reader to monitor your favorite sites. The easiest way to get into it is to use the reader built into firefox. Here are the steps.

1. Go to a site that has RSS feed XML built into it. Like this blog for instance.
2. Look for this little icon in the right corner of your browser windows address bar:

3. click the icon and you will get whisked to a page that askes you where you would like the RSS feed to be sent to.
4. I would suggest sending it to Google Reader. It is still in beta and I still run into some bugs, but like most things Google (other than G-Mail) it works fairly well.
5. Once you have selected to add it to your google reader you'll have to create a google account (but that is fairly easy to do) and all your feeds will be listed on the left hand side. just click a feed and then you can read each article or post without all the annoying adds and busy goings on of most sites.

If you don't want to use Google Reader there are several other readers available. Just google to find out more. I know the Flock web browser has a good built in reader that I have also used. I just use FireFox more, so my main reader is Google.

Anyway enough of this jibber jabber here's that video I promised everyone:

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