Thursday, March 12, 2009

FLIPPING SILENT HILL...ARCADE GAME!!!!! (Originally posted on MySpace on Feb 17, 2007)

Holy Crap!!! Kotaku just put up a link to Konami's Announcements at AOU2007 which include a sexy shoot em up called "OttoMedius" which has cute space-maids like this:

but the biggest awesomest news of all was SILENT HILL ARCADE!!!! I know I know...resident evil survior sucked...adn this will likely be like that...but I know I'd spend a few bucks on this game fighting demon nurses:

and Pyramid Head

Just to whet your whistles heres some more pics of the cabinet that Kotaku didn't see fit to include...but I know what you all love....GUNS:

Here's hoping this comes to the Wii!

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