Thursday, March 12, 2009

Huh, Yah don't say... (Originally posted on MySpace on Feb, 10 2007)

This might not be of much interest to those of yo who don't live in the valley. But take it from anyone who has ever driven with me through Elko and you'll know I love to tell storis that start with "I remember when this wasn't here and it was a..." or " When I was a kid this used to be a..." Anyway I love history and I am constantly fascinated by the way things get lost in time as the times change. I was looking up this smarmy americana artist named Stan Cline when I came across a great page of historical sites and rememberances of the San Fernando Valley. Sure is fascinating to know that the wierd gated community I pass by up on Magnolia and Hazeltine everyday used to be a comedy club called the "Fun Factory" that was owned by Laurel and Hardy. See? Interesting.

Or what about the fact that in the fifties they used to let the reservoir behind Hansen Dam (near Balboa Park) fill up with water and cart in Sand to make a nice beach where you could speed boat. Or just sit and enjoy the sun like these young ladies are doing here:

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