Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Microsoft fan boy actually likes Wii (Originally Posted on MySpace on Dec 7, 2006)

Well yesterday I have three different talks with three different folks (Raleigh, Herman, and Becca) about "what's up with the Wii?". That is why when I cam across this post about Generally outspoken Microsoft proponent Ozymandes wii-impresions I just know I had to post it. He had some pretty "not to bad" stuff to say about the Wii. His criticism are fair. I've had a little time with the Wii in the Lab, limited time, but enough to get an idea of what games are gonna work well for the system. I've lifted Kotaku's description of his impressions.
* "The controller works well .. but for some genres. As I've said before, first person shooters and 'point to aim' just isn't this console's strength. It works, but there's a lag."
* "One feature I found super-compelling was the ability to create a mini-avatar, or 'Mii.' This is genius. I personally had way too much fun creating my little guy."
* "The online service isn't there yet .. but to be fair, it also wasn't promised at launch as did Sony. Nintendo is still insisting on using Friend Codes (or Wii number) to identify yourself on the system. This sort of sucks. While they took some good leaps ahead of all of the competition in personalization with the Mii concept, this is a definite throwback."
* "Graphically the Wii won't blow your socks off. Even Zelda, probably one of the best looking Wii games, only ranges from 'ok' to 'very good' in my opinion. (Yes, I have the component cables.) My hope is that there will be enough games that don't need high-end graphics to enable the Wii to survive past the first couple of years."
* Zelda does start slow .. fair warning. You have to spend literally two hours before it actually kicks in while they run you through what feels like a too long controller training level. I'll also add that the new controls don't add anything to the Zelda experience .. frankly, they were tacked on to help sell Wiis. However, they also don't negatively impact the game experience so it's a bit of a wash.

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