Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More on All I Want for Christmas... (Originally Posted on MySpace on Dec 17, 2006)

I linked to some information about the site "All I want for Christmas is a PSP" website earlier. This was a site that was funded and started by Sony as an all to apparent viral marketing campaign to sell PSPs. The site had a lame purposely bad homemade rap video along the lines of the "Chronicles of Narnia" video, but without all the humor. This video was supposed to (I'd assume) start a youtube fueled craze. Fortunately, the l33t h@xors were found out to be nothing more than a marketing company hired by Sony and after a few weak attempts to deny what they had done they finally posted one last comment that said something like, "you found us out...we'll go back to making great products" and then the site was quickly shut down. I thought the hilarity had been lost forever. But now I found this site that has a write up of the anti-Sony Comments. The best part are the comments that the marketing guys wrote to defend themselves against the attacks. Like this one for example:

"You all is haters tymes 4. Dis is lee-git. Don't know why youse thinks this is a schill. Are site was registered through an external provider. We don't work for sony. And for all you dissin' my skillz I'm down for a one on one rap off or settling it street stylez if you feel me playa. Teh. I own a Nintendo DS and I love it. I would still like a PSP for shizzle. But the DS is just as solid." - 'cousinpete'

I think that one commenters response summed it up best when he wrote:

Oh, god, I am pissing myself. I particularly love the way the tone and the vernacular of the 'defense posts' shifts wildly through mis-spelled hip-hop bollocks, weird 1930s gangsterisms ("youse") and earnest, perfectly spellchecked sincerity ("the site was registered through an external source"). The defense posts probably had input from about six people in a marketing committee. I can see them now...."no, needs more ebonics!"..."what about some of that 'leet' business?"..."we have to stay on-message here, people!"

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