Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nerd Blog Shout Outs!!! (Originally posted on Dec 18th, 2008)

I'm not sure how he found my blog, but After I posted regarding Michel Russell's Tester's Bill of Rights he posted a comment. Today he linked to my blog. Karma dictactes that I should link right back.

This however built up a little anxiety in me. I write most of this stuff here for my friends and family who aren't really in the games industry. Mainly I just want to put up interesting items from around the blogsphere so they'll have some idea what I do and what's going on with me and what I'm thinking about. It hadn't really occured to me that anyone else would be reading this blog. But still it's kind of cool to be connected to a blog that I have enjoyed reading over the last few weeks. It's made me think about starting a podcast...which I would of course have to call a ZuneCast...just to be contrary.

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