Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Now this is pretty cool... (Originally posted on MySpace on Jan 11th, 2007)

Now, me and Ol' Herman don't agree on too much. Like, I'm not as big as Halo fan as he is...of course he's nothing compared to the temple vein flairing, controller throwing lunacy of say, John Bloch...but I like Halo...And I understand what a powerful force it is. It's popular...and if nothing else it's a great social game.

One thing that Ol' Herman and I would agree on is that we support our damn troops. Thats why I thought that this was pretty cool. Looks like bungie sent some beta builds of Halo 3 over to the troops in Iraq as a christmas present. Check out these pics. I didn't get as choked up as I did when emma posted the Mr. Rodgers thing...but this is pretty cool.

looks pretty dang sweet to me. Speaking of Herman and Halo...I still have about 40 beers sitting in my fridge from New Years...looks like we gotta get everyone back over for some more wii golf and halo goodness...

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