Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taking a week off... (Originally posted on Dec 29th, 2006)

Well as you might have noticed the deluge of blogging has slowed. I have this week off and I've been spending time riding my bike and generally being outside away from teh computer. Becca reminded me that I had not blogged in a here's a quick one to get everyone up to speed.

Cat Report

The cats are getting along great. The other night Choco even climbed into bed with us and started grooming was really flipping Cute. Nilla is busy zooming around the house and generally annoying choco...but they have been wrestling and getting along great. Everytime I come home I find them either snuggled up by the heater or on the couch together. Also I"ve noticed Choco is a lot more relaxed...not following me around meowing all the time.

Nerd Uprdate


That's right we got a Wii. I'm not sure how they did it (considering I've seen ebay auctions going for ridiculous amounts), but Becca's folks scored a Nintendo Wii for us. The story goes like this: Becca's parents went to a Best Buy to pick up a game for me (Rainbow Six forthcoming). They are early birds so they got there right when it opened, unbeknownst to them they happened to get in line in front of a group of nerds who'd been camping out waiting for Wii. The guy at the register said "I only have four wiis. So first come first serve." When they got to the front of the line (they were third) Larry said, "YEah man, we're getting a wii".

And that was that. BEcca's folks came over and everyone played Bowling and tennis. It was a blast. Wii rules!!! We went out and bought Zelda, Excite Truck, and Trauma Center but, we haven't even openethem because I've been busy playing Wii sports.

Bike Report

Yesterday I attempted to ride my bike to work. Just to see if I could make it. It was a crazy windy 30 MPH headwinds. I was really "sucking wind" as they say in the Mountain Bike books. Anyway I pushed myself but after an hour and a half I was only as far was Topanga Canyon Blvd. Mind you...that's about 18 miles from my house via the busway...but I still had a good 12 to 15 miles to go. I was dying...I had hypothermia which was making it hard to breathe and my nose was a runny mess. I must have disgusted a lot of people at the Metro Stops cause I was looking pretty grim.

Anyway I rode home...all told the round trip was 3 and a half hours of bike riding. Pretty intense. I'm going againt today...but just a leisurely ride around Balboa Park.

That's about it for now...I've got some reviews coming for Quake 4 and some retro remix CDs becca got me. hope everyone had a good holiday.

OH and if you live in the valley becca and I are having a new years party so send me an email and I'll give you the details.

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