Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Super Mario Quilt Goodness (Originally posted on MySpace on Jan 18th, 2007)

For those of you that don't mom is a HUGE quilter...huge quilter in the same sense that you could say Aaron is a HUGE tom waits fan or Patrick is a HUGE fan of Asian ge the idea...anyway. Everytime we go to Mom's she's got some amazing new quilt to show us. Really great stuf very intricate and color and beautiful.

I always sully her handiwork by suggesting she make a video game inspired quilt. She sort of scoffs and says something like, "who in their right mind would want such a thing." or something like that. I told her that I see stuff online about people who sell their video game related crafts online for BIG BUCKS.

Just today I saw one such post on Kotaku about a sweet super mario brothers quilt. Turns out this lady made it. Maybe with the right kind of encouragement I can convince mom to make me a sweet

Simon Belmont or

Firebrand the Gargoyle from Gargoyle's Quest and Demon Crest .

Just to tide us all over here's a picture of the Mario Quilt:

As Borat would say, "I like that. I like Sex."

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