Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is a biggie.... (Originally posted on MySpace on Dec 8, 2006)

I couldn't access myspace all day and I've gota DOOZIE!!! Ok get ready for this shit kids. This has been posted several places, but I'm gonna link to Joystiq Mainly because they put up the following sweet pic:

Now I know a few little ears in my family just perked up with at the sight of Jayme so I'll cut to the chase. An agreement has been "reached" between Fox and a developer called "Multiverse" that lays the ground work for an MMO based on Firefly. Right now Multiverse is just set to generate tools and the networking technology and a developer has not be chosen to actually generate the "game" part of the equation.

Did you hear that NERDS? That means that might be a World of Firefly-Craft coming soon to a PC near you...There's a lot of meat there for serious adventuring...the whole show is practically tailor made for a game filled with "unique character classes and abilities" just think of it...Raleigh can be the "pleasure girl" or whatever they call anara...Emma can be the rougish first mate (or whatever Jayme is)...Greg can be the Plucky do-gooding, awkward dialect talking captain...I can be the tight assed..."don't get me into trouble here, i'm not as innocent as I look" doctor...Becca can be the laid back pilot...always cracking wise and getting into tight spaces...and Genevieve can be the
Impirially trained (is it an emprie...I forget what the bad guys are...a federation?) Ass kicking hippie girl. And we can all level up while searching for phat lewt in the damn galaxy....

I'm getting excited about this one!

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