Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Window Shopping... (Originally Posted on MySpace on Dec 11, 2006)

A few interesting things on the industry blogs this morning. I might get around to them if I can...but until then I've been thinking depressing Christmas style thoughts (depressing cause I got bupkis in the way of christmas spending bucks..maybe not even enough for those pinecones I promised). Anyway it got me thinking...what would I get people if money were no object. Here's some thoughts:

Becca - Mazda RX-7 (Hell if money were no object I'd get an SL-55 Benzo)
Mom- Toyota Prius
Jim - Mac Dual G5 with the 30" screen.
Dad - 3/4 Scale P-51 Mustand with Donna's Nose Art
Kelly - A huge Purple Stretch Chrysler Seebring
Emma - That Boob Job she's gunnin for
Raleigh - I guess you could look at Emma's present as being for Raleigh Too, but since his birthday's so close, I guess I'd get him a nice little Robinson R44 to commute to work in.
Greg - Hmmm A nice Steinway? Or maybe one of these :

Genevieve - Hmmm...Toughie...They have a new house...lots of stuff for that...I know she likes trashy reality TV shows like Dancing with the stars...I guess I'd try to work those two things together and get her on one of the TLC shows where they make over your kitchen or something like that.
Aaron - I'd just pay off his debt, (and maybe throw in a new Zune and a nice PC...cause I'm sick of hearing about how great is damn iPod).
Calvin - One of the Sweet Riding Thomas the Tank Engine Trains I saw at Toys R US. That thing was awesome.
Henry - A Big Ol' Nerf Baseball bat so he could run around and terrorize his big brother with it...cause I feel guilty for terrorizing Raleigh and take pity on the boy.

Oh and as I have said I would also buy a Wii and an Xbox 360 (a wii60?) for everyone on my list (and also Patrick, Aaron, and Herman) cause it's about time we all get together over a few Torque Bows in Gears of War, or maybe a nice round of Uno with Mom or something like that.

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