Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CG Artist of the Day - Ankit Garg

Destructoid sort of stole my thunder on this one. But I had Ankit Garg in the queue of CG Artists I wanted to post up, so I'm going to move him up and get it on here now rather then a few weeks from now when it's 'old news'.

Dtoid only posted his stuff from Zbrush Central, so at least I can put up some additional images and not feel like a total joiner.

Stuff like this:

Dtoid said this is like "borderlands" remake, but I'd say (and Ankit himself would agree) that this is really more of a Milla Jovavich in Resident Evil Extinction:

Anyway, acording to his bio , Ankit is a freelance CG artist from India.

But the guy has an obvious talent for Video Game characters and gruesome creatures. Check out more of his work below:

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