Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Quilts from the thirties...


…or feedsack quilts, as they are sometimes known, are so cozy and cheerful! Ladies would save and reuse the material that contained chicken feed, flour and other staples during the Great Depression. Manufacturers used these sacks to increase their sales by appealing to their female consumers. And appeal they did. Typical feedsacks were brightly colored and charmingly patterened. Some featured juvenile motifs because there was enough yardage for children’s clothing.

I received my first quilt years ago from Mrs. Telschow, a sweet elderly neighbor. She told me she had worked on it with her mother in law when she was first married. It is a nine-patch with nile green sashing or border. Nine-patch is a basic pattern, but there were dozens of other popular patterns in the thirties, like grandmothers garden, scottie dog and bowtie. Here are a few for you to enjoy.

There are several more of these comfy old friends around the house now.  They are the first ones claimed for movie night or when the flu is going around. A couple of them have even been on vacation with us. Usually made of 100% cotton, batting (aka stuffing) included, the quilts wash well and last long. Just ask Mrs. Telschow.

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