Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another hour of my life devoted to Anime. (originally posted on MySpace on Wednesday, March 29, 2006)

There's something about my job that just amazes me. And that is how uncomfortably NERDY everyone is. There is a group of people who sit outside my office that spend every second of break or free time whooping and hollering playing this Anime Cartoon based card battle / fighting game called Naruto on a DAY GLOW ORANGE GAMECUBE. I hear them out there going, "Oh dude Katakina-San just owned you with the Chi-Ga Go-Ru burst." or some such nonsense. I remember being a tester on Finding Nemo and these guys got into an argument about Firefly vs. Star Trek. Not a friendly nerdy arguement, but a red in the face, fists pounding tables, "HOW CAN YOU EVEN SAY THAT?!" type of argument. I mean half of the usual 'interoffice politics' that are present in any corporate environment are warped here to involve one's knowledge of obscure Anime Toys and table top war-gaming.

I used to feel this pressure growing up in the wilds of Nevada/Idaho to know a lot about football. I felt like such a fag. And I mean that in the derogitory way. I felt like a fey outsider. An achingly geeky twit who just plan didn't "get it" and who made painfully feeble attempts at displaying my loose understanding of the sport. I think it's because my dad was never into any sports other than Golf. I mean at age 8 I could discuss the subtleties between Tom Kite's chip shot and Arnold Palmers' cool head on the green...but if someone brought up the 49ers game, I'd be like, "Oh, oh yes, I saw it.um..great .um great..couple of periods there....they , they certainly did score a suprising amount of home runs. Not as many, um sky hooks, as I'd have expected." and then I'd get my back pack stolen.

So it's just funny that I spent my life trying to 'fit in' and 'be more normal and manly' only to have it back fire on me becuase I forced myself to let go of nerdy interests like D&D and Anime...

Life can play some funny games...

Anyway, I've go to go...Warren's screening the digital transfer of the original "Arcadia of my Youth" in Japanese over in his cubicle...and to think all this time I've been calling it "Vengence of the Space Pirate", stupid American, fell for the oldest over-dub in the book.

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