Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another late night on the watch. (Originally Posted on MySpace on Thursday, April 06, 2006)

Well first off this blog is NOT being written by the new Project Manager of Remasters at THQ. I had what was probably the best job interview in my life last Thursday but I found out today I didn't get it. I'm not sure who DID get it, but I know it wasn't me. I am hoping it is Chuck and that is for two reasons:

1) I started to get cold feet about taking this job due to the fact that a) I really like my job, not really like, I LOVE it. Its great and I'm not in a big hurry to leave it, whereas I don't reall know if I would like the new position...in b) The Mastering Lab is a team environment so any problems or issues can be worked out by everyone in the Lab and ultimately the responsibility is shared by all and we can all work towards our strengths whereas this new position would have been me all alone doing everything without anyone to bounce ideas off of. c) I really like my boss. In the new position I'd be reporting to a different supervisor, I don't really know her that well and can't say if it would be better or worse, just different.

So in case you forgot I am still on a numbered list so the OTHER reason I hope Chuck got it is becuase that would get him out of my hair. Seriously he is the biggest, whiniest, most paranoid, do nothing I have ever had the strong displeasure to work with. We had to fill out these self-assessment sheets today and in the spot where it said, "What is the biggest challenge you face when doing your job?" I wanted to say Chuck Batarse. Now don't get me wrong...he is the nicest guy in the world...but everything we do in here is so LAGOBRIOUS due to his awkward way of dealing with problems. He is so risk averse and so paranoid that when problem comes up it always takes about four times as long as is should because he hems and haws about everything. He looks at computers with this sort of Black Magic Superstition and everything he does is calculated to cover his own ass and make himself look good. Maybe I'm pragmatic to a fault...like the kind of guy who knows that other people look in here and see that this is a sweet gig...so me crying wolf saying how awful it is just comes off as bullshit. Anyway the long and the short of it is if he gets it...then more power to him...he'd be out of my hair and maybe we could get some shit done around here.

On the diet front I gained two pounds but that is due to the fact that when mom was in town I ate out alot and also I couldn't ride my bike for four days due to the fucking rain.

I'm going totally bike crazy. I love this thing. I bought the $80 spandex pants and the $50 hydration bag. I am planning on ridding to work on saturday (that is if I don't work as late tomorrow as I am tonight). We'll see. UP at 6AM and on my way to work...the big one.

On the family front things are good. I am trying to co-ordinate a time we can all go up to either Vegas or Boise. I have been really missing my brothers lately, so hopefully I'll get to see them and their families soon.

Well Cars just popped out of the tower so I've gotta print it so I can go HOME!!!

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