Friday, April 25, 2008

Finally a little peace and quiet. (Originally posted on MySpace on Friday, September 09, 2005)

Wow!!! 33 people looked at my blog today. Must have been that spongebob reference I made yesterday. Anyway, I DID get to go to Perversion last night and that was really cool. I haven't really been out dancing as much and I really missed it. Richard was there and I had a good talk with him on the Patio. Then I went to go and email him through myspace and he wan't in my friends list...but I added him again.

Also, Aaron got a big time national commercial so we were all pretty happy for him. I know he's been waiting for that for a long time. I remember how fucking soul crushing working at Starbucks can be. Hopefully this will get turned into a series and he'll become known as "that guy" and make all sorts of dough and buy me an Xbox 360 for my birthday.

Well work slowed down a little today...but only a little...things are tense casue we're getting to the point where stuff has to get done to make it out for the holidays...and everyone's ass is on the line!!!

Hopefully we can go to richard's party this weekend...cause I miss that bastard.

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