Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First non-ported blog post...

This is my first post since breaking free of MySpace. Won't be too epic, but I figured I'd throw up some nice looking pics that I'm stealing from TomoPop.

Working for a video game allows one to become intimately familiar with the subtle differences between one nerd sub group and the next.

For instance there is a certain type of nerd who adorns his desk with plaster busts like this:

Of course this type of nerd will also have certain busts that are literally "busts":

Related to this group are the nerds who like to have full on statues on thier desk...which is cool but lack the interactive flavor that I like:

No, I'm more of an action figure guy. Which is kind of wierd since I usually never take my action figures out of the packaging...but I like the fact that they are at least functionally entertaining in some way...even if I still display them exactly as I would if I were a stature / bust nerd.

It helps that actions figures have advanced to the point that most collectible action figures are basically poseable statues:

So I don't know how I feel about the Ghost in the Shell statue that TomoPop posted pics up. I'd get it, but I don't like what having it on my desk would say about the kind of nerd I am. Still take a look and decide for yourselves:

See if that was an action figure, I'd have no problem putting it on my desk. But as a just feels a little too nerdy, even for me.

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AaronFlux said...

If I ever see you again and you have that somewhere visible, I will proceed to hump it while whispering, "Pretty toy statuette, you so oh so fiiiiine. With your blue lady lumps and matching blue hair...."