Thursday, May 1, 2008

"When the going gets wierd the weird turn pro." - Hunter S. Thompson (Originally posted on MySpace on Monday, August 21, 2006)

Aaron complained that all I do is write about work. I guess I do that, because Herman complained that all ANYONE ever does is blog about being sick or what they ate today. I guess that's true. When I first started blogging, I think that I was hoping to tap into some kind of new melenium zeitgiest...but in the end I think that blogging on myspace is at worst just some masterbatory exercise in bitching and maybe at best a cheap attention grab.

So at least I try to make mine interesting. I don't know.

Anyway...not much is going on in my life BUT work at the moment. Ever since Becca and I decided that we were gonna bail out on any summer trips to save money I've been throwing myself into work.

The two primary things going on in my life right now is hanigng with my friends drinking mojitos and the continuing cat piss drama. We have had a hard time getting ahold of Foxy's old owner, and meanwhile Jeff was literally in tears, begging us to do something about the smell in the hallway. I feel really really bad for him. It totally sucks. If I was in his position I'd be fucking LIVID and SCREAMING. He has been totally cool though and really understanding. Our apartment manager thinks we can steam clean the smell out once the cat is gone...but I'm convinced that nothing short of replacing the carpet itself will solve the there goes another 300 bucks on that cat. Becca is totally heart broken about it. The cat is really sweet and cute and it's pretty hard to give her back...but we really dont' have a choice...she's creating so much stress around the house that it just isn't gonna work...and also Becca feels really responsible for the whole situation. I told her that she did everything she could (which she did) and that in the end...Foxy's just a wild living animal and there really is n't much we can do to stop a free spirited force of nature. It was a really tough morning...Jeff was welling up saying he could live like this any more and that he thought about it all the time and it was killing him...and basically begged us to take it seriously...and on the other side becca is like racked with guilt and depression. Oh did I mention that Becca is also quitting smoking? she is..she's on day 14 without a cigarette...which is totally awesome...but not really putting her in the best mood to deal with a bunch of emotional upheaval. So it's been trying...So we'll see...hopefully we'll get rid of the cat...replace the carpet...and everything will be back to normal...I'm even seriously considering taking down the action figures just cause Jeff's been so cool...kind of like my sacrifice for his sacrifice.

Of course a night of drinking Mojitos took some of the edge off. Ezzy and Aaron came over, and Becca whipped up some excellent mojitos with fresh mint and fresh squeezed they were good. of course the night degenerated into us embarasing Aaron by forcing him to watch bondage porn DVDs and eventually playing drunken Star Wars BAttlefront 2. It was classic...

But now I have a hang over....a hangover called Scooby PSP...which just came in for its third round of submission discs today...which means I gots to get back to work...night all.

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