Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Goin’ all the way to .1 (Originally posted on MySpace on Thursday, July 13, 2006)

A couple of things that sort of fall under my typical "Isn't it funny how..." style of blogging:

1) It's wierd to see connections you never thought were there...like I have three friends in my friends list who have birthdays on Jan. 21st. That's kinda wierd. I mean...and now it's happening again...beth and jackie...same day...and Cyber Ball and my cat Choco...born on the same day (well we estimated Choco's birthday...and Cyber Ball is a club night so both have a little wiggle room). I don't think I've ever had to choose which friends birthday to go to...but now I know it could happen...I'm stressing out over it. Wierd.

2) It is cold at work. The test teams are all moving to the new QA building. No one is here. No computers and Xbox 360s going all day. and it is freezing. Any of my THQ peeps no how wierd this is...it's been a long time since I've thought...man I need a jacket or something...

3) finally...for a long time I was slowly building up my ultimate 80s vinyl dance mix collection for the inevitable day that I was asked to DJ some party or something. I had a chance to bust out my skills a couple of time at college parties...but have yet to truly hit the turn tables with some 10 minute pet shop boys remixes...but I'm slowly starting to turn my attention to the early 90s. I'm feening for some Utah Saints. Jonesing for some Jesus Jones...hankering for some Shamen...you get the idea. I've been picking up singles on ebay and pretty soon I'll have my early 90s acid house / dance mix night playlisted and ready to roll. For example today I've had Republica's "ready to go" stuck in my head...I think I'd mix it with a dance mix of Lush's "single girl" into which I'd mix Supreme Love Gods and a white label remix of Ned's atomic dustbin...oh the places I'd go.

4) I took the cat (foxy) to the vet. 5 shots and 120 bucks later and we'll be damn sure it isn't a urinary tract infection. The vet is pretty convinced that it's related to Foxy's transition to the new home and most likely the on agian off again relationship with Pipi. But she got some steroids which will relieve her hyper tension and arthritis...hopefully making her a little less skittish. we'll see.

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