Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Because I know that all of you have been pretty anxious to know what the cat status is. (Originally posted on Monday, July 17, 2006)

So took ol' Foxy in to the vet for 120 bucks worth of shots and such. The urinalisys came back with blood, cloudiness, and bacteria...so yes, she does have some sort of infection. This doesn't mean that she will stop using the hallway as her personal litter box, but it has been known to cuase cats to pee where they shouldn't. So I'm taking her back in on Tuesday for another round of expensive penicillin shots. Also on a Cat note, Jeff cleared some of the (literally) foul air regarding the cat situation. He sat down with us and said he didn't want us to feel like he was giving us a hard time about the cat. He just wanted something to get done about it. It made me feel pretty good. Becca still feels stressed cause she feels like we're running out of options of things to do...

On to other things. We say Pirates of the Carribean yesterday. I'm not that familiar with the "davey jones" myth. But it seemed to me like it should have been Pirates of the HP Lovecraftian mythos. Not to give to much away but the main antagonist is basically a group of "Deep Ones" who comanda a Krakken which matches Lovecrats descriptions of Cthulu. That was my favorite part was the effects and make up of the "bad guys". As far as the rest of the stuff goes...I think that Kira and Orlando kind of give me the ut-oh feeling. I mean not only do the look like brother and sister throughout but towards the end as they get more disheveled and tan...there are some shots where I literally couldn't tell which one I was looking at. Not cool! I honestly can't even say how I felt about it. I came out having enjoyed myself but feeling a little bit like I was being marketed to or something. At least when I go into watch Doom, I dont' feel like there is any pretense of it being a great film...but I garuntee you that Pirates will be a big contender for Oscar "nods" as they say. I don't think it deserves them...but such is life.

Then Becca went home and got snuggly watching some TV and basically just "horsing off". It was a good day.

Oh crap...My Little Pony just popped out of the duplicator...gotta get back to work.

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