Tuesday, April 29, 2008

HEY....MY SUN EYE'D GIRL (Originally posted on Myspace on Tuesday, August 08, 2006)

Well, old greg has been really harasing me for a blog update. I sort of left a blog-length comment on Emma's page about firefly...so any of those of you looking to read the "rarities and b-sides" might head over there and peep that noise.

Anyway, Since he requested it I'll start off with a Greg related annecdote. For those of you who don't know my brother that well he has (or rather had...I don't know if he still does this since his taste in music has changed towards somewhat more intrumental faire of late) a torrette's like tendancy sing a snippet or phrase from a song repeatedly until all meaning is lost and the words themselves take on a sort of conversational cadence all there own. I remember one day in Wells he wandered around the house singing "She gets the pumpin straight to my heart...." from Nirvana's Anuerism over and over and over and over. LIKE ALL DAY LONG.

Well my point is that I too share this traight of mindless sub-concious singing and such. And today the song I am singing is from the new Beck album which I bought last night. Beck is like the king of catchy phrases that roll around in your head all day that you just sit there and sing and sing to yourself. At least to me. Like I can remember singing the first three lines from Cold Brains over and over while I studied in College...Anyway the album as a whole is refreshingly "Odelay"-ish. I found myself sort of tuning out of alot of 90s music in the last few years, but I've come back to a few groups...Beck and maybe Bjork I've been listening to again a bit. The new Beck album is a good listen to the whole album affair. But the stand out tracks are pretty much the singles that have been played a lot lately. Of those I'd have to say that I've been giving "Girl" a lot of personal airplay. The lyrics are creepy...sort of remind me of something Aaron would post on his blog. It starts out about this guy sort of watching this girl...and you think it's gonna be like a "Pretty Woman" type love song...but then he starts singing about how he's going to "take her eye and make her die". And take her away back where she belongs. Kind of Texas Chainsaw Masacre style. I wouldn't say that I like the song for the lyrics...I started liking it when I mistakenly thought it was a love song.


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