Friday, April 25, 2008

I really wish I was in Vegas. (Originally posted on MySpace Wednesday, July 20, 2005)

Today I have been dealing with an extreme Vegas jones. I just recently went there with Aaron and Sarah and Becca. But I didn't really get to spend enough on the tables because I had to buy tickets to Nine Inch Nails the same weekend. I have been dazing off thinking about it all day.

I grew up in the clang of the slots and the chocking smoke and stiffling heat that most disklike are to me a sweet tonic that sooths my jangled nerves...Honestly after the suck ass weather today I don't see what's so great about LA.

Didn't go to the Industrial Convention thing or what ever. I wanted to see a couple of those bands but I saw combichrist when they opened for Fixmer McCarthy, so that base had been covered...I haven't heard what anyone thought of it...but that's cause most people only use their blogs to write about how sick they are of eating jack in the box every day.

What else...hmm...not much to report. I'm finally taking the integra in on friday so hopefully it can make the trip to Dad's house in August...which of course brings us full circle...cause if it doesn't cost me so much to get the axel fixed...then we can stop in vegas on our way up to Wells...

Also Andrew and I are having a sort of dueling blog thing where we try to comment and kudo each other with extreme prejudice...keep an eye out.

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