Friday, April 25, 2008

Just what all these fat ass testers need...IN and OUT...(originally posted Friday, July 22, 2005)

Man it is a HOT day today. For those of you who live in the valley this should be OBVIOUS. But if you don't now you know. It's is hot. It sucks.

Today was the infamous In and Out day at work. Every year they invite all these elementary school age kids (children of employees etc.) and they get an IN and OUT catering truck and everyone stands in line to eat hamburgers (good), sodas (ok..but usually flat and without ice)...and chips and cookies (nasty and a bad substitute for fries...cause come on...what is IN and OUT without the fries). So I am basically in a coma...I can barely lift my head up cause of the damn double double mixed with HEAT...

But I shall fight through it because overall it is a SLOW day. I got the car worked on today as well to the tune of 800 bucks. So know at least the axel won't fall out of the bottom of the damn car.

That's the update for today. Birthday Mel. and Break a leg Cliff and guys are living the dream for us all....

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