Friday, April 25, 2008

Man, it's been a long time...(Originally posted on MySpace on Wednesday, February 01, 2006)

OK, so I haven't blogged in a long time. I think that I had this realization that maybe blogging on myspace was only slightly more meaningful than blogging on or something equally as bad...or maybe it's becuase I've been spending to much time reading random links on the wikipedia... I don't know.

Anyways so, yeah, highlight of my days lately has been riding my bike. That thing is great. Also I got a shitload of new CDs and games for I'll work up some review type blogs.

Becca and I are having a four year anniversary coming up in about 13 days...Haven't really nailed down plans for that one yet, were both turning into sticklers with our old age...everything we think of doing is like...yeah that would be fun...but we should save our money for going to vegas or new computers or some such.

I got my W2 so I'm looking forward to a FAT TAX REFUND. keep your fingers crossed.

Until then stay tuned for a few big updates...

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