Friday, April 25, 2008

More bitching and a bit more moaning... (Originally posted on My Space on Thursday, March 02, 2006)

This fucking car. I'm going to get an ulser from this fucking piece of shit.

Well maybe it's not that bad. If I was going to put enter it into the debug archive at THQ, I'd describe it as having functionality problems more so than an outright crash dump of useless debug text. But it has crashed dumped on me in the past and with the jittery frame rate of late...I can feel it seizing up. step away from the game tester metaphor...the car is having electrical problems AGAIN. this is like probably the fifth time I've had some random electrical problem. I know deep inside this beast is a shorted wire or an ungrounded contact or something cause I quite simply can not use all the accessories without killing the battery or having the radio blitz out. I mean I can be selective...but wo betide the man who wants to use the heater, windshield wipers and headlights (something I've done a great deal given the large amounts of RAIN lately). But I digress yet again. The fucking BATTERY light keeps flicking on and off intermittantly. I drove through some pretty flooded streets on Monday and ever since then that little fucker has been taunting me by coming on and off...So that generally means that the ALTERNATOR is going bad, but I replaced the Alternator just over a year according to my mechanic (who I took the car to see yesterday) It would not be typical, but also not unheard of for water to cause the alternator to go bad. So now its a waiting game. Today I only saw it flicker on for a second...very breifly. maybe it was a figment of my imagination even. I drove home in bumper to bumper traffic yesterday afternoon and it did not come I don't know. Do I make a 300 dollar preemptive strike and fix something that MIGHT not need fixing...or do I wait it out and come in late and pissed for work one day cause that was the day this fucking thing decided to go 'tits up' so to speak. I can't decide.

And I really wanted to post the creepy 'Exorcism of Emily Rose' style fog just outside the window...but my phone doesn't want ot co-operate...if it decidedes to come to work today I'll post them later.

That's it for to get back to work.

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