Friday, April 25, 2008

A quick update. (Originally posted on My Space on Thursday, March 09, 2006)

Well, good news and bad news: The good news is that I do not have to do jury duty. I went and sat through the whole ordeal and was one person away from getting stuck on a case. But fortune smiled on me and I narrowly escaped a week of commuting to downtown LA at 6AM. Fortune was not done with me though becuase I pulled off for gas on my way home and the car refused to start again. Looks like the alternator DID go bad. I don't know. the long and the short of it is that at the age that my car is you can pretty much only get rebuilt alternators at an affordable price. original new alternators for a 15 year old car from japan would be like about 700 bucks. so that's out.

On the diet scene, in two weeks I have lost 14 pounds. Only 56 more to go. I think that the whole car thing might have been the twisted hand of fate keeping me on the diet straight and narrow. First off yesterday I was waiting in line to by a low carb burger at Carl's Jr. The line took about 30 minutes to get to the front. At which time the lady told me that the credit card reader was I didn't have time to go anywhere else, and I didn't have any way to buy food...Then on my way home I was planning to stop at Del Taco after I got gas...but then the car crapped out...sigh...thanks're keeping me skinny.

As an epilogue I got the car fixed this morning...and as I was driving to work guess what flickered on and off the whole way...if you guessed the battery light, you'd be right. Raleigh says I should dump the car...that I am holding on to a status symbol. I have a two part rebuttle to this. First is that I would buy a new car if I could afford it...but I wanted to ride this one out till my credit card is paid off (which will take at least a year at this rate). Secondly I got the car cause it is a HONDA. Honda's are gennerally regarded as some of the most reliable cars on the road. I think that this car's lemonish behavior is not typical. Somewhere there is a short or something causing this problem. It is not an Audi or a BMW or something. I took umbrage to his claims and as my usual paranoia set in I began to wonder if others were scoffing at my desperate attempts to seem upper class with my car. But given that I have the oldest car of anyone I work with and am a notorious spend thrift...I think that I am actually cheap...and anyone who looks at my car could not seriously think that I view it as a car that anyone would be jealous of or impressed with. I do like it when it runs. It is a great car. I would by another Acura in a heart beat. I am totally convinced that these problems stem from teh cars age and the lack of care it has recieved throughout it's life.

Oh yeah, and I am going to get my bike tomorrow morning. I can't wait...I missed it while it was in the shop. Sweet.

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