Tuesday, April 29, 2008

oh , oh, you meant 5 o'clock in the morning...my mistake. (Originally posted on MySpace on Monday, April 10, 2006)

Well I guess this one falls under "be careful what you wish for". To absolutely no-one's suprise Chuck got the Remaster job. As I have discussed earlier I didn'tr really want it that much, but I was having these fantasies about being offered it so I could smugly decline it and "allow" Chuck to step in. But that doesn't really make sense, I mean the guy has been here since 2002 so who am I to swoop in. Still, I can't help but feel like maybe I inadvertantly threw that interview and there might have been something MORE I could have done.

But what's done is done. Now the real fun begins. Everyone was coming by on Friday going, "So who's the new boss man gonna be." Which shows the sort of slanderous lies that Chuck was willing to allow to circulate. No one in the Mastering Lab is "The Boss" or "In Charge". We all work on everything equally and since everyone has about 3 hours per day in the lab alone it isn't like we don't all make "mission critical" decision each day. But I laugh it off and just went "Well, Glen is the senior man now. Which is technically true...but I think that if anyone was pressed we'd all say that Anthony is gunning for the new 'point man' Postion." Anyway however it breaks down or changes there are a few wrinkles...first off, scheduling. Chuck has been the 6AM to 3PM guy for years. This has gone a long way towards supporting his "Heart and Soul of the Mastering Lab" image. Chuck nows how to milk martyrdom...and he was always quick to give his most bleary-eyed, "Man this job is tough...I been up since 5." speech to anyone who would listen. I say...try WALKING two miles to some bullshit 7 dollar and hour STARBUCKS job at 3 in the Morning, only to have a solid line of people bitch at you for eight hours...oh and yeah...there isn't any big comfy chair to sit your fat ass in all day...Then we'll talk." But now someone else will have to take over as the Early guy. For the first few weeks it'll only be me and Glen on mondays and Tuesdays so someone will be the Early guy and someone will be the late. Most likely I will do the early shift cause I don't mind it, and frankly we all know it'll be a cold day in hell the day that Glen can make it in before 9AM two consecutive days in a row.

The other slight wrinkle is that now we are going to hire a new mastering lab guy. This could be good or bad. I agree with Chuck that there is a certain dynamic one has to bring to the lab and just anyone doesn't have that certain je ne seis que as they say in Quebec.

Let's see, what else. The pace is quickening for the eventual move. I told Aaron that he was being tapped for move day...of course I will turn to my perenniel moving aide Patrick K. "small boxes only" Keller. I have even even scheming a plan wherein I'll pay Greg's airfare to LA if he helps me move for a couple of days. Maybe get Raleigh and Emma for the weekend if I bribe them with Disneyland tickets...who knows...The point is we are definately in our Lame Duck period as housemates with Jeff. Things aren't bad, but they are definatly reaching that...why bother period. We just need to get out and get on with our lives. Becca's really excited to throw away all our furanture (can't say I blame here there) and have a little place to redecorate. I guess she's enlisting Sarah's help on that end so I'm sure they will make it an ecclectic little flat. June can't come soon enough.

Becca and I have been eating at this little Diner called the Patio Cafe. It is the little breakfast cafe that is in the Hotel that Mom and Jim stayed at. I'd have to say that it was the highlight of that hotel from my point of view. YOu'd have to question Mom and Jim for their feelings on the matter otherwise, although in a move I've never seen the Hotel staff supplied a fresh supply of magazines to each room each day. And not just the usual tourist "What to do in LA" type stuff, but reall honest to goodness magazines...Anyway Becca and I had a nice breakfast at the Patio Cafe which has great iced tea...and then we went a little video game crazy. We went to Gamestop and bought about 100 bucks worth of games (since they were having a buy 2 get one 1 free sale we ended up getting six games.

They are as follows
1. Resident Evil 4 - Played it with Aaron and Becca for about three hours...excellent game so far...maybe better than my current 1 PS2 game, God of War. We'll have to plaly it through to see.

2. Call of the Cthulu - a strange game based on HP Lovecraft. Becca and I played it for about two hours and it's slow but creepy. Could be good....we'll see.

3. Gottlieb Pinball Museum - Good pinball game...not a lot of tables...but some classics like ace's high and tee'd off.

4. Indigo Prophecy - an intellegent "adult" adventure game in the vein of the classic Sierra games...so far so good...played the demo and new we'd liked it.

5. Morrowwind 3 - typical RPG. Becca's been wanting to try it for a while and it was cheap.

6. Black - typcial FPS. the same guys who made burnout...should be a good game...haven't started it.

So as you can see the weekend degenerated into a video game playing day off. then I got a call from chuck telling me to come in early today...so now I'm here...watching the status bar as the new Dawn of War downloads from the FTP.

God ye good den.

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